Syrian Army Dismantles Rock-shaped IEDs, Shoots Down Drone Used by Drug Traffickers

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NATO is more active across Syria to punish the Syrian people, first for not willing to defeat and hand their country over to the NATO-sponsored ISIS and Al Qaeda warlords, and second for daring to aid the Palestinian resistance facing the unprecedented live genocide committed against them in death camp of Gaza.

In addition to the usual terrorist attacks, the bombings by NATO armies, NATO proxy terrorists, and colonies of Syria, the terrorists in Daraa planted rock-shaped IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) on the side of a busy road in Daraa's northern countryside.

The IEDs were meant to maim Syrian civilians, especially the curious children.

Syrian Arab Army (SAA)'s Engineering Corps unit dismantled the killing tools planted by the US-sponsored ISIS remnants while the Syrian border guards further to the south shot down a drone suspected to be used by NATO-sponsored proxy drug traffickers.

Ever since the beginning of the US/ European/ Israel genocide of Gaza, an escalation in the NATO war of terror against the Syrian people was recorded with the terrorists of Al Qaeda and ISIS blatantly carrying their terrorist attacks to aid Israel.

Widening the war on Gaza will serve as an offramp for Biden's White House junta and for Israel who have lost the war and their narrative became exposed to be full of lies.

More in this report: Syrian Army Dismantles IEDs Planted by NATO Terrorists in Daraa.

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