Banning Chinese students is NOT the solution; open borders with incentive to stay IS.

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Senator Tom Cotton has proposed banning Chinese students from studying STEM fields in the United States, because he fears this will help China economically and technologically, and that a wealthier and more powerful China poses a threat to the national security of the United States.

I share Senator Cotton's view that economic growth in China currently represents a threat to US national security, because it results in more money in the hands of the communist party.

Yet, Senator Cotton's proposal would have the opposite effect: it would keep the best and the brightest minds in STEM in China, where any work they do will benefit the communist party, both economically and technologically. It would strengthen their domestic universities, shield these students from the full influence of our capitalist culture and ethos, and amount to a tremendous gift to Xi Jinping. Talent that would have otherwise fled to the free world, will stay and build the most terrifying authoritarian superpower the world has ever seen.

I offer an alternative proposal: Allow students from anywhere to continue coming to the United States to study whatever they want to study. When they graduate, along with their diploma, they should be handed a green card. Many (or most) will choose to stay, because our lifestyle is preferable, our wages and living standards higher, and our relative freedom is exhilarating. Those who have bought into the toxic brand of nationalism sold by the dictatorial regime won't stay. That's fine--they'll be less productive, less likely to innovate, and will take the mediocrity that is a feature of personalities attracted to authoritarianism right into a key position within a Communist Party asset.

The United States benefits tremendously from its immigrant population, and we should be excited when people demonstrate the tremendous ambition that it takes to move across continents to come and be part of our free economy.

Senator Cotton is wrong because his proposal is cruel, runs contrary to the basic values to which we as Americans aspire, and because his proposal would amount to a tremendous gift of human capital to the Communist Party of China. If that is how the GOP intends to "Make America Great", I want no part of it.



Truth is, I think Chinese children born in the United States to me are the only one that won't be coaxed by China by giving them sweet deals to come to their capital. Honestly I don't like the pace the Chinese are moving myself. Very soon with their dangerous advancements they might even begin to play God. I think their growth is good but I fear how they might become a harm to the world in general. I feel only Chinese children in the US only should be allowed to study. I might equally be wrong but well this is what I feel.

It's been a while, how have you been coping with the situation with the quarantine?

There are plenty of Chinese people who have seen the west and become very critical of the Communist party in China. Up until now, China was viewed as a land of opportunity with vast wealth and riches to be made. In more recent years, that idealistic view has withered away due to the west becoming more aware of some of the values the CCP hold and how they don't align with pretty much the rest of the world.

You're definitely right about this. Nevertheless the issues with the Chinese don't seem to even dwindle, I mean we could have an equally huge communist empire if the Chinese keeps up with the totally control of people's lives and well becoming wealthy without influencing the world positively don't you think so?

Trump made it clear that he is not happy with the Chinese. Everyone is still on doubts on how the virus came to existence. The decision might be harsh, but they may have clarity than what we know.

Open borders only work with Global government and a level economic playing field.

It's not possible to level the economic playing field across many and varied world governments... especially since most of the world's governments are corrupt beyond anything most regular Americans could possibly imagine.

Open borders flood the local sovereign nation's markets with foreign labor. This is not necessarily a bad thing as long as the host nation does not have high unemployment and/or a large pool of labor skilled in the area of target employment.

I'm an Electrical Engineer. I personally know many fellow Engineers who have been displaced by H1-B hires. Hard working, smart, productive employees... displaced and requested to train their foreign replacements.

What would say to these people? These fellow Americans who worked hard earning a degree and giving of themselves generously as loyal employees.. who have been displaced unnecessarily by foreign graduates of the same Colleges and Universities that the children of these now displaced American workers can no longer afford due to open borders and artificially increased enrollment?

Good writing. I believe this is the most intelligent and opinion changing post I've ever read up in here. You changed my mind without a long read.

I'd be in favor of this if the H1B Visa program was severely restricted or eliminated. If H1B Visa recipients are truly filling jobs that Americans can't, then they should never be trained for their new job by the American they are replacing. One way to guarantee this is to require that H1B Visa recipients are paid 125% of the going wage for that job. Since they are so highly qualified it makes sense that they are paid more. Use of H1B Visas should never be allowed to be used as a corporate money saving tactic.