Democracy is not kind but it is correct. Grow up, the UK must now leave the EU.

in #politics7 years ago (edited)

Democracy is not for the faint of heart and neither is life quite frankly. Life is not all about sunshine, rainbows and lying in the sun. It's about listening, adapting and surviving. What has been largely ignored in the aftermath of #Brexit is that the majority have spoken and the majority have decided to leave. To ignore, or dismiss the fact that the majority of the UK's population want and have voted for a certain outcome is outrageous, close-minded and simply unacceptable.

Many leading politicians, journalists and figures of power need to be reminded that democracy means that the power lays with the people. All people, which encompasses, the educated AND the uneducated, the young AND the old. Civil unrest will only continue to grow and snowball when people feel that their opinions that they are entitled to are not being heard and validated. Otherwise out of sheer exasperation people turn to the likes of Trump in order to feel that they are being heard and respected.

Extreme example, but if a referendum were held and the majority decided that the Queen must be beheaded then according to democracy it must be done. Democracy does not work when those in power get to pick and choose when they listen to the people. They must represent and enforce the desires of the majority regardless of the outcomes.

In this time of upheaval, we must realise that the principle of democracy and listening to the people is far more important than remaining a part of a glorified club, regardless of how severe the consequences of leaving it may be.


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