2019 Nigerian Election

in #politics5 years ago

As long as we have people who will continually defend failed politicians and governments time after time because of what they stand to gain rather than what the society we live in needs, we will stay where we are for a long time.

We have youths who will prefer having enough money to visit nightclubs than their communities having free water to drink as a dividend of Democracy. They choose the well being of themselves over the wellbeing of the general populace and that is what has kept us where we are.

The mindset that "I will do anything for my master to enable me to grow in the political pyramid" not minding the consequences their decision will have on the children in the streets, their fellow jobless youths, the men and women and the aged folks in society.

Until we start to think in the direction of the WHOLE we will not leave this stage. We can no longer afford to leave our destinies in the hands of the people who have left us in this sorry state we are currently in.

Instead of progressing as a people in Kolo Creek we are rather regressing. We've successfully been moved from the phase of the regular power supply and free pipe-borne water to a phase of darkness and lack of basic social amenities. Our children are left in dilapidated school buildings and classrooms to learn, the lesser we talk about the treatment of their teachers the better for us.

For how long will we continue like this? For how long shall we open our eyes and stand for evil over a glaring good because of what we stand to gain for ourselves?

As the February 16th pols draw nearer with each day, let's think about what is best for our mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters and children before we cast our votes. You and I hold the keys to improve on our lot within the next 4 years. Let's not throw in the towel and live the years ahead in regret.

Vote for Credibility
Vote for quality representation
Vote with your conscience
Vote for a better Ogbia and a better Nigeria.