What's Changed?

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"The Ontario sunshine list for 2021 has revealed that Sudbury’s chief medical officer of health made $800,726 last year – the ninth-highest public-sector salary in the province, and more than twice as much as any other city’s top doctor."

Read more: https://tnc.news/2022/03/26/sudbury-chief-medical-officer-made-800k-last-year-including-482k-overtime/

I saw a news story this morning that popped up in my Facebook feed. Here in Canada, we're having some serious trouble getting real, trustworthy news about anything, but True North Media seems to get a lot of things right and have a mission towards journalistic integrity. Upon reading this story, it made me wonder some things...

What's changed? It's not like this is a new thing...

But what has actually changed?

What about increased wait times?

Inaccessibility of health services due to draconian rules, many of which make no sense at all. Like allowing health care providers who tested positive to continue to work while healthy, non inoculated workers were fired, citing moral hazards. Even though it's been painfully apparent that inoculation doesn't prevent spread, sick people were prefered over healthy.

A lack of access to early treatment options for a disease due to the politicization of treatments.

A deteriorating sense of empathy and compassion towards people based on their medical decisions and a decaying sense of bodily autonomy for a select group of people.

The discrimination of a group of people based upon their medical histories to the degree of land locking sovereign citizens to their own country and revoking their ability to use public travel.

Government is allowing and even encouraging businesses to discriminate against non inoculated individuals by allowing a screening process that includes the disclosure of their medical records. To the point that "non vax" tax was discussed by certain governments. People refusing inoculation who were/are facing layoffs were denied employment benefits which they've paid for. People speaking out about their treatment are being silenced, deplatformed and jailed without proper process.

Peaceful public demonstrations that aim to open a dialogue have been met with totalitarian opposition, brutality, abuse of power, over reach of authority, disinformation to dissuade public opinion in an attempt to justify fabricated charges of the government's opposition. And not only political opposition, but those who oppose the government's views or policies, as we've seen the shameful and intolerable treatment of sovereign citizens who don't agree with the Liberal Party of Canada or their best friends in collusion, the NDP.

There are laws being proposed that would allow people to accuse others of future thought crimes due to what they may write on social media or the internet. The insanity of something like this is mind boggling.

In Canada, we now are facing the suppression of our charter rights through court injunctions that aim to limit the ability of sovereign citizens to peacefully assemble. These injunctions circumvent the charter, which is not only unlawful, it is unjustified. These micro steps toward totalitarian rule may not have affected you yet, but they are happening because of and in spite of you.

People have been told and dare I say indoctrinated to believe that the non inoculated citizens have perpetuated the deterioration of our freedoms, caused pain and suffering to those who have been held off for surgeries or other services and that they are to blame for the lockdowns and therefore the state of our economy. These fabrications are a tool to justify the actions of a government who will spare no expense in lives or dollars to further their agendas.

The non inoculated have become the scapegoat of a government which has slowly been slipping a noose around the neck of democracy, free economic development, open debate and discourse including the freedom of expression and freedom of religion.

These thoughts came flooding out because, even though I've seen "this story" before, the context is new. Gross over expenditures on administrative positions is an old story. When that administrator is the gatekeeper and facilitator of tools that cripple our healthcare system, economy and make way to call into question our constitutional rights- that 400K in overtime gets a little harder to justify.

What's changed?

We all have. For better or worse, we've all been shaped by the trials of our lives and these last couple of years have offered unique challenges. If you don't feel like much has changed, you may be the exception due to your lifestyle or maybe you just haven't been paying enough attention to see the cresting of a wave following the initial rumble in early 2020.

Here, in 2022, we're overshadowed by a tsunami that is the consequences of our actions and those of the gate keepers, law makers and power takers who created its' momentum.

The only thing that's changed is everything. Now that everything's changed, what's next?


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