Donald Trump through the eyes of a German

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Donald Trump or how the “older generation” pronounce him in Germany: Donald Tramp, left some big question marks here in Germany.


There is almost no week in which we don't hear anything from oversea about his newest Tweet or his next little discussion with sportsman which are kneeling. So the most information we receive about him are from satire channels on tv, so we may be a bit influenced in our opinion. But however I’m really interested to get an insight about what you think about him.

I have to admit that I’ve created a Twitter account where I am faking his tweets into the words he really wanted to say.

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-25 at 16.55.20(1).jpeg

As a matter of fact I'm maybe a bit scared of him because he acts like a small child which is in control now. His strategy is to attack everybody with arguments or also with “fake news” who doesn’t get his opinion or who states public that he is against Trump. Trump ignores the facts and tries to destroy his opponents as fast as possible. (Atleast with words only so far).

Moreover I have no clue what's going on between him and “little rocket man”. Little rocket man is Kim Jong Un and he got called like this by Trump not that long ago via Twitter.
So tell me, is Trump the right way for the USA? I’m open for every opinion and maybe you can change my mind?


I’m so disappointed my country elected him... He has made us the laughing stock of the world!

well... the US is still the US u might even become stronger after Trump cause ur next president tries to archive more?

Maybe... I’m just not a fan.