A Tower of Babble

in #politics3 years ago

Trump's mockery of Biden, Obama and the democratic party's failure to secure and fill judicial seats and appointments during their tenure, almost calling them fools for relinquishing the opportunity to bias the law in favour of their party and to take advantage of the legal system as a political tool while they had the chance, is probably the most alarming thing he said or did at last nights debate. If political discourse in a free nation means buying the court system, like it's just another acquisition necessary in an obvious quest for dominance, full control, and eventual sole grasp of power and leadership, then you're either on drugs or you ain't in Kansas anymore. The man is as insane as a shit-house rat, and so is anyone who goes along with his rambling diatribes of hate and self congratulations. These days, sitting in some tower with a deer rifle no longer seems the impulsive manifestation of a lone nut that it once did. Unfuckingbelievable.


As if Mitch McConnell throwing up roadblocks to so many of the appointments had nothing to do with it.