BEWARE - Hold your transfers to Poloniex, their wallet transactions are frozen

in #poloniex7 years ago (edited)

Poloniex, the exchange that drives the most volume on a lot of currencies including our beloved Steem and Steem Dollar is experiencing some issues and all deposits to the exchange are delayed and don't show up. There is no official statement over what is going on so until that is fixed, be sure to use other exchanges, next in line being Bittrex (@bittrex), Blocktrades (@blocktrades) etc.

Here's a funny message from one big guy to the other:

Use Bittrex instead, or other...

Until Poloniex sorts it out be sure to use other exchanges.

Be safe today!

PS. Please comment if you've had your deposit go through so we know it's fixed. I'll also update the post when I get updates as I've sent them a support ticket.

LATER EDIT: Transfers seem to have started working again. I sent some test SBD back to my steem account and the transfer was done within a couple minutes.


Good to know. Thank you.

I see the same information with no new update on the matter yet.

seems to have come back to normal now. Tested back and forth.

I just saw some transfers put through, it might be resolved. I'll keep testing.

I have had a ticket open with them for over 24 hours, some transfers off the exchange have worked, others have not. They said they are working things out and will be back to normal soon.

It seems to be back to normal now from what I see. My transaction showed up within minutes.
They didn't get back to me on the ticket yet...

Thanks for your update!