@fulltimegeek isn't happy with just killing a curation project like themadcurator off, he wants to kill off !popcorn too

@fulltimegeek is now flagging all @popcornexpress comments to try to kill off !popcorn because he is attacking anything related to @themarkymark.

Hidding his comments for a month isn't enough, he had to go and flag @themadcurator over 2,000 times to put an end to that selfless project that many loved. Now he is attacking another project people love !popcorn.

So far he has flagged 129 comments in the last 24 hours hiding all the comments in the last 7 days.

Trying to counter it is pointless as he uses 100 bots to micro flag and counters any counters.

But why is he flagging !popcorn or @themarkymark?

You can read about it here.

If you want the tl;dr.

He was posting 16K times a day and his @proboards account got blacklisted on @buildawhale. He tried to buy a vote to game the rep system to bring the account from -10 rep to a positive rep and it was denied. When he messaged @themarkymark asking for a refund he removed his witness vote and threatened to flag his account for life.

The post he wanted to promote? A link to a third party site, his argument was it was to "archive it on the blockchain" in case the site goes down. Let that sink for a moment, he is archiving a URL that may actually go down...

He felt that was worth 400 Steem in votes. Later he admits he was in fact really just trying to game reputation. But why not flag a curation project 2,000+ times, and flag @popcornexpress, and why not hide all @themarkymark's comments for a month, cause that's what heroes of the blockchain do!

and the best part

The post was flagged to $0.00 by Steem Cleaners and many other witnesses.

The irony of it all is he comes to Steem to avoid censorship, and then that's what he tries to do.





Is !popcorn appropriate at this time?

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Does Steem cleaners handle people like this? This drama people cause is not good for the block chain.

Steem Cleaners do not get involved other people's flags, they only handle distributing flags.

Maybe you should just make a new one called !potatochips (:

This is the one thing I hate about Steem. The childish brigading from power users who can seemingly cripple people for no reason other than childish vendettas.


That's why we should follow Karma's lead and just eliminate flagging. It provides terrible power to excessively wealthy people in the long term and may become a tool for mainstream media eventually. We should just code it out. Upvoting what you like is enough.

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Children and money...

An absolute shame. I truly am baffled how anyone can think that this stupid flagging nonsense is good for the chain.

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Flagging is good for chain sustainability. The problem is when people use them maliciously and not for the good of the platform.

Yeah I’m not saying get rid of flagging. I’m saying it’s s problem when I bring someone new here and they see that it’s like kindergarten in here with powerful toddlers.

I know why you think that, but ultimately its not good. If Steem grows to be significant in the eyes of major corporations, governments and mainstream media, it can be a tool for shutting down alternative viewpoints. That would defeat the point of this blockchain completely, and it is for this reason I wish I could convince others to realize that flagging is not in step with Steem's primary value add: immutable expression.

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akshully (and pardon the double reply) , i quit making suggestions long ago as im not part of the elite and i probably dont use the right words in the right order, dont wear the right shirts and i dont know the secret handshake and sign so my comments seem to be discarded by default

i'm still pro-ponent of both a tweetsized messenger system implemented in the U.I here which is more p2p than global and should only allow messages from services you allow to send (for instance "your subscription to pr0nbot has expired, you will no longer receive the daily milf"-vote)
but mostly , in the spirit of out of sight out of mind (which has proven to work when it comes to humans) the #invisible -tag
which can be implemented by choice at U.I. level (again) does not need any alteration to the core and can make posts "hidden" by default (as in : not appearing on public feeds, where only people looking for it or having a use for it would navigate to) which means no public spam which means if it STILL gets downvoted its pretty much a personal thing but in essence as it wouldnt be in the proverbial pigeons faces chances are pretty good no one would give any amount of excrement

which is like five pages more than i intended to talk this week ... and therefor

bye :)


... i dont think it needs explanation but ->

since it is a services only messenger you would need your proverbial service to be registered with "the provider" - since it would require the client to actually allow (as everything is denied by default) said service to send messages it can hardly be spam and if they start popping out 10 msges a day said "provider" can lock them - which means ONLY service / system msges (including steemit itself which ofcourse can have a service enabled by default)
now : as its tweet-sized (i dont have the clout or resources for a server) any of the giants or the bapmat/aggro-collective could EASILY whip out a small server from the pocket change left on mondaymornings , it would just have to be implemented as a widget so steemit , busy and whatever can use it AND doesnt run on the blockchain meaning all those small transactions need no longer be onthere or in your wallet

and lots of advantages and now

im really back to retiring to my own universe here and there , which would work better with a steemprice at LTC / ETC levels (in my world thats $10 to $25) and ofcourse even better at BTC-levels

what's an ETH ? i heard about it ? its slow
and expensive, right ?

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It's not censorship, but he is trying to do that. He targets comments instead of posts so you can't talk. Unless you are willing to upvote your comments to $5 you can never make them visible as he just comes back with another one of the 100 bots to bring them visible. Resulting in the ability to hide a users voice for 10 cents a day.

Smidge-tv was flagged due to spam and then flagged later due to harassment, threats, and posting libel.

I agree, I don’t think it’s censorship.. and I don’t even think it’s waste of VP as I think is should go back into the reward pool rather than voting some of the people he does (smidgetv) but it’s not censorship.. and I say that as someone who has been flagged more than 300 times this week.. it’s just @fulltimegeek being a dick and a bully. But that’s just my humble opinion.

I miss @skeptic though. :) I do agree.

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