Popular vote for EOS BPs

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Popular vote for EOS BPs

by @controllinghand

If you have been following the EOS project from the beginning you would understand that the current list of the top 21 BP are mostly in that position because of whale votes.
Also, you will see that most of the BPs are in Asia. In fact, 12 BP are located in Asia.

I wondered what it would look like if we used a popular vote. My definition of popular vote is the number of wallets that have voted for a BP.

Here is what it would look like:


If we went by Popular vote I think the distribution would be much stronger. However, I realize that if we changed to this method that the whales would just create more wallets and still vote the same. But, it is interesting to see what our EOS world would look like if we used the popular vote.

Thanks to AlohaEOS for this data