The old man in the plateau

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This old man lives in Garester Plateau ,Trabzon. When our trip to East Blacksea,luckly i met him and took his a couple of pictures...There was a huge fog in the air in that day...

Sony a7R+Carl Zeiss Biotar 75mm f1.5

75mm ~ f1.5 ~ 1/2500s ~ ISO50

I hope you all steeemians enjoy my works...And if the answer is YES,please resteem and upvote my works...

Thank you and have a nice day....


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This is the most obscure photography I've seen in a long time ;)

ohh i forget to upload picture :) sorry for this...

great portrait!

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Great image!

i impressed to see it because you add most beautiful photography... great... preety...

good luck
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Cool photo! Interesting <3

@mnallica magazine photos!