Reminder: You can claim and earn Zing with your POSH tokens

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I noticed quite a few accounts who hold POSH aren't claiming any Zing so figured I'd make a quick post letting people know that they're missing out on it. Will also take some time to tag them in a comment once I find the time to properly go through the list.

We'd want as many as possible who have earned/bought and held POSH for this long to take advantage of this opportunity to earn Zing along with others and primarily the POSH account and the POSH it holds that is has bought back from the market.

The more the merrier and fairer distribution of Zing!

What you need to do to earn Zing:

If you hold POSH tokens, you simply need to login to with keychain once and you'll be registered.

From then on you'll be able to claim Zing rewards on an hourly basis.


Keep in mind that if your POSH balance changes (by buying more, selling some or transferring to other accounts) it will update the amount you can claim on an hourly basis. Think of it like an hourly snapshot that checks your POSH balance along with Hive Power delegation to @zingtoken and staked amount of Zing on your account.

We wanted to reward people who are active on Hive, that was the reason for the need to register once compared to just letting people register and claim past rewards whenever. Our announcement post was trending for a couple days but we understand there's a lot going on here so some may have missed it even though they're around and active, thus this reminder.

I'll try tag some I notice haven't claimed any Zing yet but hold a considerable amount of POSH (after some sleep :P), feel free to poke them and help out if you're bored!

Of course this is just a temporary APR % but maybe it'll convince them to check it out as there's nothing to lose by doing so!



I feel I missed the original launch. It took me much longer than expected to read the WP and get funds ready. I'll still join so that I can start accruing tokens to put me in a better position. I'm excited about the LP as well.

Hey @acidyo, thank for this update ! I kind of miss the ZING start, but as I check now, I am holding POSH, but strangely, I have no ZING to claim...

Is there a special manipulation to do more than claiming ?

It starts generating tokens first after the first login/registration. If you check again it should've generated some by now based on your posh holdings.

Yeah, I finally saw that :)

Thank you and can't wait to see the game starting ^^

I was poking around looking at the accounts of some of my friends on here the other day so I could let them know to collect their tokens if they haven't been. Most of them only hold a little bit though. I have been collecting mine every couple of days. I'll probably mention something about it in my Finance post on Friday as well, so maybe more people will see it and realize they need to claim.

Oh, those accounts are missing out on some nice Zing tokens. I don't have POSH, and I didn't know how to get them before. I was even considering buying some for the airdrop, but it seems I would need a lot to even get a good amount of Zing tokens.

Great reminder and just few days ago I've started claiming $ZING based on my staked $POSH rewards. Is this claimdrop time-limited or how long will it last? In addition to that what are the use cases of $ZING, can those be used to buy other in-game assets?

Yeah the plan will be that in-game actions for certain things will cost Zing which will be burned.

Thanks for the reminder. I missed the OP. joined and claimed Zing.

Maybe they are still not aware of it. The APR is indeed high which makes me claim almost every hour and they compound quite quickly.

This is a useful update and I did not know if I am eligible. I did log in 2 days back and now I get some zing for my POSH tokens holding. Thanks for sharing about it and it will help many. Hope Zing turns out to be a much more valuable asset.

Oh shit! I forgot about this!! God damn I'm gna be left behind xD. I need to sit my ass down tonight and go to the website!!

It's really just one keychain action xD even works through mobile through keychain's browser.

Ahhh I'll check it out on Keychain later 😂shite

I am holding POSH, I just checked in but I have no ZING to claim 😅

Check again!

Done, claimed, staked some HPs and left the ZING in stake!

wah I forgot about this. Need to use powered up HP today for this delegation


Thank you for the reminder @acidyo, with all that's been happening I totally forgot.

I have accumulated lots of POSH because i want that ZING!

This is nice, I do not know if I am. eligible for this too.

I can see here that you do have some POSH tokens in your wallet, so you should be able to claim some Zing on a daily basis after registering on the website.

Oh that's beautiful, I will do well to register.

So I tried to log in but it says error.


Keychain on mobile only works through its own browser. (not chrome/firefox/etc)

Oh okay. I'll try that

thanks for the reminder, too bad i haven't login for past few days even hold 200 posh

How do you earn posh tokens please?

The only way to earn them currently is by sharing links from Hive front-ends onto Reddit. A bot will respond on the shared links post in the comment when done successfully, but you also need to link your Reddit account first on

Other than that you can get some by delegating Hive Power to @poshtoken.

Okay. Thank you for this information

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When I click on the link you have given, my Hive account name is given but it says to verify the keys first. But how is that? Do not understand! please help

Are you using Hive Keychain?

Trying to log in and keep getting an error message @acidyo

Are you trying with Hive Keychain installed?

Ibloses the posh token for do not have twitter but i am ok.

I.. ehm, what?

Sorry, I said that since I didn't have Twitter, I couldn't participate in the Posh token distribution, and when I tried to get it via Reddit, it was too late, but I'm fine despite that. By the way, I hope I don't miss the upcoming pre-sale like we all cried about missing the one for Splinterlands.

Thank you and sorry for the bad English, my keyboard is acting up.
Have a great day.

Haha no worries, likewise!

You can still earn through reddit @redditposh

Hi, Keychain isn't letting me log in :( ...

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super me apunto🫡