@shiftrox, we've noticed there are some who are only nominating the same people each time (in this case, you and @luizeba have nominated each other a fair bit recently). This goes against the spirit of PoSH, so we ask you expand your recommendations to new and different community members from now on. Thank you.

Hello Traci. Sorry for the trouble; on POSH rules there wasn't anything related to this, and my idea, as a mod of the HiveBR community, was to promote content from our community members through POSH. Thus, I've been usually sending content from the same few members of our community, including Shiftrox, MarianaEmilia, etc.

I'll expand the recommendations and to avoid repeating the same people.

Thanks, @luizeba and while you're here, could you also clear something else up? @acidyo dropped you a comment a couple days ago, asking what's going on with all the (apparent) bot likes on this tweet - any idea how that happened?

Hello, Traci!

I think that my POSH account borked after the whole thing with the bots. I've been sharing some posts on Twitter, but the @poshtoken bot doesn't comment under the shared post with my tweet link.

For example:

I shared this post (, and the posh bot didn't put my tweet on its comment.

I checked on, and my twitter account is still linked to my hive account, so in theory it should be working as before.

Thanks :)

Seems it's a temporary "borking" though, @luizeba - because of the unusual activity of that tweet, your posh account was locked from receiving posh until after that tweet pays out (which I believe should be some time today). After that, your account should be re-instated. Please feel free to shout out in another day or two if it's not working again.

Thanks <3


My notifications are all over the place, I didn't saw the comment that @acidyo sent to me.

I have absolutely no idea why that happened. My Twitter account is really small and I barely use it, I hadn't even realized that that tweet received hundreds of likes. My account didn't grew a single follower on the last few days, so it's clear that the tweet didn't really went viral.

If I could take a (long) shot on why that happened, just a few days ago the brazilian election campaign started, and social media bots/fraud is rampant (without getting into the political side of stuff, you may have heard news about our president promoting fake news using bots, inflating specific hashtags related to vaccines or to election fraud, mass-reports to suspend left-leaning pages, etc.).
As my account is brazilian and have content in portuguese, it could have been targeted by something weird; in the other hand, I don't see a reason for that kind of stuff to happen targetting my kinda-dead account.

I'll would just ask POSH to ignore that tweet from the $POSH distributions; but I see that it was from 15/august, the last POSH distribution already considered tweets from 16 and 17/august, and I didn't received any tokens for that; so I think that this tweet was already ignored/removed for obvious reasons.

I kept looking around, and I may have found the culprit. The twitter account stayed inactive for about 3 months since May, and the first tweet after this period received the bot likes. I would guess that coming back from inactivity triggered some bot shenanigan that made it a target to bots (like those "bots following people on instagram in the hope of being followed back").

Nonetheless, I'll keep an eye around this. If odd stuff happens again, I'll drop a message on #posh-autovote-request