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@poshbot has been running for a little over a day and a few issues came up and I had to speed up resolving another feature I wanted to add in the near future.

If you don't know what @poshbot is, you can check out the introduction post.

In short, @poshbot will automatically discover any tweet that includes a link to Hive content and leave a comment with the tweet for the author. The tweet does not need to include #hive or #posh tags and doesn't even have to be your own content. Not only does it allow you to get your posh on with half the effort, you will be automatically notified if someone tweets about your content.

How does it work?

I can tell you about the bits and bytes, but in short...

Here is the general workflow:

12|poshbot  | Got Extended Tweet Full Text
12|poshbot  | Found Tweet:
12|poshbot  | Base URL is:
12|poshbot  | Processed URL:
12|poshbot  | Extracted Permlink: @resiliencia/testing-the-liquidity-pools-of-uniswap
12|poshbot  | Leaving Comment on @resiliencia/testing-the-liquidity-pools-of-uniswap for tweet:

So what's new?

A lot of what I discovered in the first 24 hours is I need to add some error checking in some key areas to prevent the bot from shutting down to unhandled errors. I knew this would happen as I had a few areas I wasn't quite finished yet, but I did run into a few edge cases I had to deal with.

One such edge case was when someone tweeted links and immediately hit return, this would create a new line character '\n' that would get combined with the link, so I would properly detect the Hive link, but when I went to process it on the Hive side it would get mixed up. I already had some logic to clean the URLS at the beginning and end to remove some characters like punctuation and hashtags. I didn't want to assume users would always put links with proper spacing, this allows me to capture more links than I could without it.

Another issue was @guiltyparties link shortener, this was on the list of things to support but I didn't have it in release 1.0 because it involved following multiple redirects. Normally when you tweet, Twitter will automatically create a shortened link. For example, someone tweeted my introduction post and twitter made the link, so it makes it trickier to monitor the Twitter feed for Hive content, but I also then have to follow the shortened link to the final post so I know where to comment. This is fine, it was rather easy, barely an inconvenience. If you tweet a link (or a link) the resulting link is just another redirected link. These redirected links don't always result in a 301 status code that represents an HTTP redirection. These links just return a 200 "everything is ok" message.

This was a problem I was planning on solving but as link and other link shorteners are fairly rare occurrence, it wasn't a priority. I had a few requests to support links, so I went to work on it right away.

@poshbot will now automatically detect HiveURL shortened links ( and properly follow them down to the actual Hive post and leave a comment.

As of right now, @poshbot will automatically detect links to the following services:

  • Peakd
  • Ecency
  • STEMGeeks
  • LEOFinance
  • HiveURL Links (New)

Want to give @poshbot a try?

Just find some awesome Hive content from any of those services and just make a tweet linking it. You don't need to use #hive or #posh tags if you don't want to, @poshbot will still find your tweet.

My favorite thing about @poshbot

While the main goal of @poshbot is to save time and allow you to show your POSH (Proof of Sharing), my favorite feature is being notified when someone else tweets your content. Most of the time you don't even know this happened. Now you do!

Is @poshbot being used?

In the first 24 hours, @poshbot has already provided over 750 notifications!

The posh is strong on Hive.

Anything else coming?

I have a few ideas for @poshbot that I may follow up and actually do. You will be the first to know if I do.


Probably what would have been more valuable is adding twitter support to hivesigner. That way, people could login to hive with their twitter creds. Given that twitter is now a connected app on hive at that point, you can then register users with poshbot and poshbot will be able to post twitter links as the twitter users's hive account.

Sounds like a security cluster nightmare. But if you think it is better build it

I did. Back on steem with steemconnect and telegram. Didn't catch on. After lessons learned, I think the newer tools would make this more viable.

Well make newer tools then.

I think the newer tools would make this more viable.
They're already here as a result of the HF.

Anyway, this is more in the posh wheelhouse.

Idea it's kinda spammy to see all the twitter comments on a post. Would be nice to have just a single comment that is updated whenever a twitter mention is made. That way, if you're curious what all the twitter mentions are, you can just check the single poshbot post on the article instead of having to scroll and hunt for them.

Also, it would be nice if you could post the analytics details for each tweet like engagements, impressions, etc... That way you can gauge the impact of a post based on the tweet stats. It would be even cooler if that information was updated in a custom_json transaction. Then a condenser could include it in the user interface.

Each twitter common adds value. If there are a lot of poshbot comments then there are a lot of tweets referencing a post and it is likely popular. In this case there are likely lots of other comments on the post that make the posh comments a minority. If not then someone is likely doing something unethical and will be dealt with accordingly.

Ok. I missed that this is a way that someone could post a comment from twitter. I kinda see that, but just like any comment they can spam besides gamifying. Like someone could just be sharing the link to a blog post without actually commenting on it.

We got the comment on one of our post today! Love it!

Looks really good. One small issue that I have noticed is multiple notifications on the same post if a lot of people are sharing it. Is there any way to cap it at one comment on a post?

That means more than one person shared it.
Let me know if you see the same tweet referenced more than once, I do have checks for that, but I am adding some new code to make it more bulletproof, but I haven't seen it post twice on the same post unless it is two different tweets.

in my case i was the one doing the tweeting of my post more than once (spanish and english) so, it would be nice to have maybe an option or a tag to put on the tweet to stop the notification of poshbot from happening more than once from the same twitter user?

Yeah only two different tweets but not the same tweet.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bot when I saw it in several posts I shared on Twitter.

seen it on some posts. interesting idea.
like your favorite thing about it, because i think there was no way to know that someone shared your post on twitter, only if they tag you.

Is it possible to have subsequent shares of the same posts posted as replies to the first share instead of all having their own unique comment entry?

It gets a lot more complicated and error prone doing that, and most posts will only have one share anyway.

Also, every post I write, I tweet. How do I keep my own tweets from showing up in comments on my posts? I want to see what other people are tweeting about me, not what I just tweeted about myself.

It will always show them, I don’t have any plans to do per user settings.

There are two problems being solved.

  1. save users time so they don’t need to leave a comment every time they post. This is the most common use as many people are trying to show proof of sharing (posh).

  2. notify users when someone else tweeted this post. This is the more powerful and useful feature.

Disagree. This can be gamified. People can use it to promote their own twitter profiles by mentioning posts of high-profile hive bloggers/witnesses. It ends up being pretty spammy. I had to take down my @exifr bot because of complaints about it being spammy by creating a separate comment for each photo. My argument was the same

Well, most posts will only have one photo.

Famous last words.

Most everything can be gamified.

I tried it out on my cousin and it worked GREAT!

He also tried it out and it didn't work. 😅 He may have been one of those edge cases though lol

Got a link to the tweet that didn't work?

Here is the link to the one one that failed. It has tags below the peakd link. 😆

That was on first day. There were a few periods I took it down.

Have not been using twitter for couple of years now. is it stil popular to be on?

It may suck but it is effective.

This is awesome service. Thanks for it.

It worked though but not always. I shared three post I made on Twitter but only one was commented by poshbot on my post.

I hope it works better now!!

oh for this may have to go on the twitter, facepalm
good work guise, also very fancy names, Us elitist technogeeks love words like "tony" "posh" and "normie" ;)

Interesting project! It was a thought come true! The Power of the Mind! We continue to move forward! Congratulations @themarkymark


I absolutely love the @poshbot 😍

Great way to promote HIVE on a established social media platform

One day HIVE will take over :)

How is this promoting hive? Someone has to post on Twitter before it will create a spammy comment on the original post.

I think if anything, it promotes someone's social media. You could just find a high traffic Hive personality, then tweet whatever they post. People will see your comment and visit your Twitter account. IMHO, that's the opposite of promoting Hive.

This is awesome and I Loved it.

Excelente proyecto y muy necesario. Para hacer la prueba, twittee tu post.