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I really like the idea behind POSH token. The crypto world is not familiar with Hive, also there are powerful forces out there, that do not want to see Hive popular.
In my opinion, Hive greatly lacks marketing. POSH is a nice way to promote Hive.


I'd like to help POSH somehow. The first idea was just to help with price by buying and burning, even having burned some tokens.

But then I noticed that POSH doesn't have Diesel Pool. I think diesel pools are much more useful when it comes to "buy back’s”. We have our UAP token which has “SWAP.HIVE/UAP” diesel pool used to buy back and re-stack as LP of token UAP. The way a diesel pool is working allows more fair buybacks. @ua-promoter automatically buybacks UAP tokens from the diesel pool and stacks it as LP on regular basis. Here you can see the history of SWAP.HIVE/UAP diesel pool.


As many of you may notice, @ua-promoter used to create orders to buy POSH tokens, the goal was to get 10K POSH tokens. Almost reached it.
So, I'm creating "SWAP.HIVE/POSH" diesel pool and adding liquidity of 9996 POSH tokens and 1200 SWAP.HIVE.



I think the diesel pool will help the POSH ecosystem to grow and to get a more stable price.

Another great feature of diesel pools is LP rewards.

If you stake SWAP.HIVE/POSH, you'll get a percentage of any token exchange. More about it in @aggroed's post Fee Structure Changes Coming to Hive-Engine
The more you've stacked - the bigger percentage of pool rewards is yours.

Some useful links:

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Really wish you would have said more about this. However it is a really good job and I really like helping out with this diesel pool!