Lol a part of me also sees it as moving on from a toxic relationship...

Hi quillfire...I guess here's my first comment here.



First comment ... I'm honored. :-) So honored that I tried to upvote your comment. Alas, you will have to settle for sentiment-in-kind as, apparently, that function is not yet working. :-)


Edit: Now it's working. :-)

I think the wallet side of things isn't 'up and running' yet (can't access mine either).
It does show you HP (hive power), in the header on your (my) profile though.

I can access my wallet using peakd if I use peakconnect to log in.
I expected a few teething problems but actually considering we have effectively new dapps working this quickly after a hard fork I am impressed. I think we have a bright future on Hive,

I'll try Peakd later today or tomorrow. I'm going to let the Dev's work out the most obvious bugs first.


It will be a change trying to move Quill but I’m taking it on good authority that it’s the best for us.
I had to use peaks connect to log in to even comment here.