The Symmetrical Egg- Part 4 - a sci-fi short story

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The Egg had connected with Adam, was connected even now. His mind and his brain were undergoing subtle changes, not to the extent of mutation but definitely extra ordinary. On his second day in L-1 Adam came up with a plan to tell Captain Lisell the truth. The problem of keeping communication private was huge. Cameras every where except in the bathrooms and audio and heat sensors everywhere including the bathrooms. Even if all the sensors could be avoided, they had chips in their arms, not only monitoring body functions- sleeping, awake, breathing,etc but their exact location.

The new Adam had to plan in such a way that both of them could communicate frequently, while fooling their monitors. This was possible only if the way to communicate was not audible or visible, at least to the extent that would be noticeable either by the AI or by the human supervisors. Adam had a chance to do just this, thanks to his connection to the Alien artifact.

"I miss physical activity. And I don't have a "fighting fit" toned body like you do Captain."

Lisell snorted, almost in her glass of water.

"What! Did you just..."

"No, Captain. Whatever you are thinking. I just... could you train me in like MMA?"

"Oh. You mean contact fighting. Why Adam?"

"I feel getting lazy. And I can't do any exercise alone, never have had to do any."

"OK. If you don't mind getting beaten Every time."

"You couldn't beat me at arm wrestling!" Adam smirked. Lisell's brow furrowed at the sudden crass challenge but she chose not to be rankled.

"I bet you can't." Adam pushed as he cleared a space on the table where they were eating a few moments ago.

"I don't need this. You want to practice with me. You get up two hours before breakfast. I am going to watch a movie."

"Just once." Adam quickly drew a chair for her. Lisell relented and sat facing Adam. She placed her right elbow on the table and extended her hand. Adam caught it in both of his and tilted it downwards a fraction.

"What the @#$## are you doing?" Lisell exploded, starting to get up.

"No Talk" PLEASE He thought at her.

Lisell froze as she heard him in her mind. The silent mime continued for a few moments before Adam thought.


What are you doing? Lisell answered

Lets continue this struggle act. Adam pushed her hand down a little and acted as if she fought and brought th grip to vertical once again before continuing.

Captain. The Egg spoke to me. Like I am now speaking to you. I held onto you when the first surge of the connecting field washed over me, that is why we are linked minds. And I can do this.

Linked minds. How?

The Egg triggered a few.. portions of the brain which allow us to communicate via mental Feeling.


Every sentient being has a psychic bond with the universe- all of it. This allows for communication.

Anyone can do this

Potentially, yes. But many species, like us, have let our capacities shrink and wither over many generations.

Adam let go of her hand and sat back down.

Slap me and go to your room. Please Captain. We are being observed. We can still "speak"

Adam was not prepared for the slap even when he was expecting it. His cheek and ears burned and he did not have to fake it much when he shouted.

"Cold Bitch!"

He retreated to the entertainment alcove and put on a racy movie. He waited till his heartbeat was a bit better then he half closed his eyes and thought.


"It was..I.."

"It was perfect. You need to know everything. OK. The Egg is an artificial mind, a limited sentient AI if you will. It was put here centuries ago, our time by the Firsts. At that time Earth people had discovered fire and the wheel but not much else. They saved the large continent- I think Africa, from crashing into it's sister land masses. Wait. Are you doing anything?"

"Just sitting."

"The chip inside us monitors our blood flow and electrical activity. So this has to be masked."

"Can I shower?"

"That should do."

"I am going. Adam are you OK?"

"Yes. So, what the Firsts did was that they introduced metal working and some new plants. When they were reasonably sure of human progress, they chose tribes in areas which were the most remote. The Gobi desert, The Amazon interior, Australian steppes and they marked their genome with ..chemical filaments I think. The Egg in turn was geared to waken when these filaments are discovered in it's proximity. So I am it. The Egg recognized me."

"Do you know what the Egg is meant to do?"

"The Egg has two functions. One- to pass on scientific data to the marked human. And Two -to make the Firsts aware of our progress."

"Why did they mark you? I mean particular tribes?"

"That was their way of making sure the whole of Earth people were a part of the technical progress. If the humans from the Gobi or Steppes can make it to the Moon, then mankind had made enough progress to make the next leap. Making the marked people in charge was their way of handing them the keys to the future."

"The meek shall inherit the Earth."


"A religious quote. Nothing, go on."

"I am still undecided what to do."

"Let's talk more over dinner. I need time to digest this."

"Thank You Captain. I .. feel much better with you knowing."

A warm feeling enveloped Lisell, like satisfaction at the end of a race well ran. Wether it was "sent" by Adam or her own, it was what friendship should feel like.

At dinner they apparently talked little. When they were looking at each other, telepathy came easily. Most of the conversation both actual and telepathic was banter till the dinner was over. Then Adam thought at her.

"I don't think I can hold out much longer. The Egg confirms this. The changes happening in my brain Will become apparent in a few weeks. With you the changes will never be as much, if we are lucky they will never suspect you of anything."

*"What do you want me to do?"

"Go Away. We can still speak, even if you are on Earth. Will you help me for sometime atleast?"

"Adam, have you thought how safe this is?"

"I am pretty sure the Egg is what it says it is. So it's in my hands."

Lisell asked to be moved and was shifted to another smaller apartment. The Egg stayed inert while many excursions and experiments were conducted. After five weeks Adam was transferred to a special wing and the rest were sent back to L3. They had identified the changes to Adam's brain. What that meant was still a mystery.