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I think we all need to do a power up post and it will give us all a bit more power if you do a power up post please drop the link below so I can upvote it let's get moving everyone please do a power up post upvote it 💯 and upvote everyone else's power up posts and don't forget to vote for the witnesses we all need to work together otherwise we have no chance at all one more thing I really want to see @blocktrades running properly again please everyone remember to vote


Congratulations @kgsupport!
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Hello, I do not know if you can help me, I am new to hive and by mistake I published my presentation of hive on my blog instead of publishing it in the GEMS community, the thing is that now it does not allow me to publish anything else, it says that I have no power to publish And that has discouraged me, what do you think I can do to be able to publish? hive tells me that I should transfer money to the platform but I cannot do that any advice you can give me I will be attentive thanks.