Pregnant lady Gets workfellow dischargedFor Stealing Her Lunch

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If you're employed in associate workplacethen likelihood is that you'll have had a minimum of one real-life ross from Friendsmoment ("My sandwich!"). howeverwhereas you would possibly simply whack a passive-aggressive notepaper on your tupperware subsequent day or send a narky email around the workplace, this ladygot the criminal discharged once they were caught with crumbs on their hands on CCTV.

The pregnant lady, whose husband was a cook and created her a nutrient lunch daily, was persistently targeted by a food criminal and denote her story to Reddit.


When it 1st happened she left a polite note, explaining that her husband would be quite happy to form them lunch for a fee - and a few of her innocent coworkers took her au courant the provide.

But despite her kind provide, the criminalcontinuing to steal the lunch. She'd even explained to the criminal that she was pregnant and required the nutrients from the lunch for each her physiological stateand breastfeeding her shaver.

The situation continuing till the hourdepartment of the corporate was featuredto put in cameras within the room - the scene of the delicious crime.

The criminal clothed to be associate senior member of the company's workers World Health Organization, at the time, was up for promotion. however once she was noticed she finished up being discharged.

The hungry victim told Reddit: "I began labeling [sic} my food hoping that maydeter the criminal. It didn't. Eventually, I place a note on the refrigerator that said: 'Please stop taking my food. i'm pregnant and breastfeeding and this can benegatively poignant my health'.


"The criminal was a old lady World Health Organization does not appear to loveMaine. She is creating triple what i'mcreating, if less.

"After per week of this (I'd been transfersandwiches and keeping them at my tableto carry Maine over) I had the IT guy send Maine a screen-grab of her stealing, one from every day.

"Lunch criminal was up for a promotion. She's close to the manager level, and once you get this high, the interviews involve execs from headquarters flying right down to meet with the execs in our workplace to take a seat in on displays from the interviewees."


"After she finished and was doing a Q&A, I place a picture au courant the screen. it had been the pics of her stealing my food. folks within the space started chuckling, and she or he turned back to appear at the screen in horror.

"She (food thief) turned back to appear at the screen in horror. The execs at my workplace World Health Organizationknew my lunches were obtaining purloinedwere visibly pissed at her. because itseems, one in every of the execs who'd come back from headquarters was conjointly pregnant, and also thealternative one had a partner who'd simplyhad a baby.

"She was terminated.

"I did not wish her to induce discharged, I simply needed her to prevent. If they'd ever talked to Maine, i would not have neededto induce her discharged. other than seeing the image within the interview, they ne'erconcerned Maine any. ne'er even asked Maine to send them the image proof for his or her own record."

The reddit post, that has since been deleted by the user, received over a pair of,000 comments and twenty,00 votes. And following the dramatic confrontation, the mum-to-be asked Reddit users if it had been extreme to induce the criminaldischarged.

Many confident the pregnant lady she hadn't done something wrong.


One comment: "Her actions square measure what got her discharged. Exposing her for being a criminalassociated honestly simply a completepiece of s*** does not cause you to an a****** in the least. Behavior [sic] like that ought to ne'er be tolerated in any work atmosphere, particularly from somebodythat top up."

Another posted: "Stealing is stealing.... if she is happy with this behaviour, what alternative dishonest things would she do? Such associate awing ending to the currentstory. She mammary gland her own grave."

But many thought the girl may have handled things in an exceedingly less public approach.

One responded: "It's real s***** to handle that the approach you probably did. You should've talked to hour like associateadult. i do not perceive however you were able to strut up front throughout a gathering to unveil the lunch criminal sort of a petty version of Scooby Doo."

What does one think? Was she right to handle it within the approach she did? ought to they need discharged the lunch thief?


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