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If you want a better HIVE price


  • Stop selling it
  • Stop voting for accounts, who keep selling it
  • Stop supporting 20% APR on HBD
  • Stop supporting shit-proposals


  • Stop supporting shitposts
  • Stop auto-voting

Passive Income

I was going to write a long piece about what supply and demand means in case of Hive.
A lot of people here get a decent income from funneling funds from the posting rewards pool into games, shitposts, income for their vote-buddies.

Instead of guarding their own stake by voting relevant content to the top, people here:

  • delegate to curation services
  • play 'vote 4 vote' schemes
  • lean back and watch others do the job

If we can not create a constant demand for this coin, this behavior will eventually milk this cow dry.
In essence: if we can not find suckers to buy this asset, the price will not recover.


I would recommend using your downvote-mana to actively downvote any 'curator' and the shit they vote for. This goes for curangel, ocdb, leo and all other milkers.

I don't recommend it, though, because this ship has pretty much sailed.
The only people who could afford to make a dent, are not going to move.

Myself, I don't really want this blog to end this way, and if I started flagging the people who put a constant pressure on the price and support the malicious content, they would revenge-flag me to oblivion. It is their income and they become vicious if you challenge them.

While I don't really need an income from this blog, once in a while someone comes along and sees what I am writing and those few are worth keeping this up.

It all started when linear rewards were introduced;
Without competition, there is no need to put in effort.

The people who made those decisions are smart enough to see what's going on and want it that way. All others are being played and seem to also want exactly that.

This whole thing is just a meme at this point.
Trying to put this into words just hurts.

I'd love to call out some names here, but the list would be long and I can't be bothered to deal with this shit anymore.

No Comment

I could have just posted the picture, but I felt like writing a few words.
Please don't comment on this post, thanks.


Entgegen deiner Aufforderung muss ich aber fragen:

Welche sind denn diese shit proposals?

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Habe das auto-voting vergessen zu erwähnen; Ist auch arsch.

Denkst du man hätte den Bärenmarkt bzw zumindest die Falltiefe vermeiden können?

Natürlich gilt:

Man darf so etwas nie unabhängig vom Gesamtmarkt betrachten

Ansonsten ist doch klar, dass wenn niemand Hive verkaufen würde, und es auch nur irgendeine Nachfrage gäbe, der Preis unermesslich wäre.

here, you get a revenge curation instead of revenge flag :)

@tipu curate

Can’t tell if I’m supposed to not comment since I like your perspective or comment because I’m a rebel with a cause.

I see the supply and demand side solutions, but being the critical thinker that I am, what’s my role in this?

I’ll be real- I could be a milker, but see, ultimate ambition is to let this fund some real world projects of my design: either a lil’ magazine (you posted about some people doing that), a photo book, or even short films.

Fact is, I’ve just started getting a groove for continuous content, but not out of a repetitious, banality. I think I’ve got the form down for sharing my various ideas, perspectives, images and inspirations in chewable text bites.

And you suggest those curators are milkers?! I might be able to see your perspective, but I don’t quite agree. I appreciate their support (and yours) since I’m a creative with a half-baked financial literacy… I haven’t retained and banked as much as I should’ve for 5 years in this game. If I don’t turn this puppy around in the next 5, I should really quit.

Before we fight the good (content? economic?) fight… what do you say about me? Maybe we could… work something out, mate?

Noted. I'll reply at a later point.
I have limited patience right now.

All good. I like your stuff.

btw I am always happy to talk voice:

(It's that magazine's Discord)

I think this moment gives us a great opportunity to accumulate more hive for the future.

@felixxx I like this point and it's one year I have been publishing and wondering why shitty posts were plenty of money and some mine that took time and efforts to be created could hardly reach 1$ tips.

I like and follow your idea. If I can support in any way, or helping creating a new wave, let me know! Will be glad to improve the ecosystem

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Some really good points!