Funding goal reached!

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Our (admittedly modest) funding goal of 10000 dkk (app 1590 USD or 1345 Euros) was reahced at 3.50 CET this Yesterday (sunday)
I am both relieved and happy that it actually went well, even though i did think it was fairly realistic.


first and foremost i am very happy that i am now able to pay @katharsisdrill and @scarlet-rain for the excellent work they have done helping me with the video and music and lots of other stuff.


secondly it feels really good when there is genuine interest in something that i have spent so much time developing.


I have included images of all the rank and file troops from the core bundle so that if any of you are still considering whether to support us, but need more information, you can see them all.


thirdly and not the least important i now get to actually work on some of the stretchgoals i have prepared.


If the campaign doesnt loose traction for the next 2 or 3 days i am now confident that we will also be able to present the first stretch goal, the Cannon with crew:


Hope you lige it and will consider supporting the kickstarter at:

or maybe (if you havent left mainstream media ) follow my profile at facebook :
and /or follow me on instagram for almost daily updates :


Congratulations! There's obviously a market out there.


@evilhippie! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at (5/10)

Thanks. there most certainly is a market. i have seen several very succesful kickstarters with stl files as the only reward, and some equally succesfull ones with a combination of stl files and roleplaying campaign books or tabletop rules

Yay, Tillykke :D

Yay indeed, og tak

These are great! I'm happy for you.