Problems with buying HIVE tokens anonymously

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payment image from Pixabay
payment image from Pixabay

I really want to buy HIVE tokens so that I could power up. However, I still have problems planning how to load up anonymously.

Here is my best plan so far:

  1. Buy cryptocurrency using fiat money.
  2. Use a centralized exchange (such as Changelly) to convert the cryptocurrency I purchased to XMR (Monero). For greater protection, I could send the XMR to another Monero wallet (fast, and has only about $0.01 fee) first to provide even stronger privacy.
  3. Use XMR on a Hive exchange (such as BlockTrades) to convert XMR to HIVE tokens.

The middle step is the hardest part. A centralized exchange would see someone buying XMR as suspicious, and might indefinitely freeze the transaction until identity verification (KYC) is provided. Pretty much, the centralized exchange would already probably know where cryptocurrency to be converted to XMR is coming from. Even though they won't know where I would use the XMR, the fact that they would know that I am using XMR would be privacy-intrusive enough for me. If the transaction freeze happens, I would simply forego my deposit and forget about the transaction, but it does not mean that they would forget who I likely am, and that I attempted to convert my cryptocurrency to XMR.

Testing the conversion of $1 worth of cryptocurrency to XMR might succeed without being forced to undergo indentity verification, but the next conversion of $100 or even $10 might not succeed.

Do you have better ideas about purchasing HIVE anonymously than the one I already have?

Thank you for reading.

Sort: and similar services are without kyc but expensive as blocktrades

Do you mean that they are as expensive as

Thanks for your reply. By the way, I don't know if my upvote on your comment is large enough (at least $0.001) to even be noticed by @dustsweepers. I get curation rewards when upvoting trending posts though.

Yes, are there other blocktrades? is also without kyc but with low volumes and no XMR. The best way to solve your problem would be to use atomic swaps but I have not investigated if and where they are possible.

What are you thoughts on trading giftcards with someone in community whom you can trust.

I don't know how I could get Hive anonymously by trading gift cards. If you don't know, gift cards have a trail, unless also bought anonymously. Also, there is no way a (digital) gift card can be sent to the recipient without either using the memo key or encrypted anonymous e-mail.

Thanks for replying though.

I really don't know that gift card also has trail. Is talking in random discord server is an option?

Yes, if you are able to register anonymously to Discord. However, with anti-spam measures in place, it is unlikely to be able to register to Discord and/or continue using it without getting penalized.

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