Procreate not physical bodies but solar bodies. These are the words of the Gods (the Elohim) during the time of Aryan degeneration and prior to the end of the Fifth Sun. The world is overpopulated by many people whom we call intellectual animals. The world is out of balance.

I, Juan Mirieth Auriel, am writing this for the select few and for those willing to repent of their wickedness. The hour has arrived to transmute from intellectual animals into true human beings. You must make your vows to never again spill the divine energy through orgasm. To spill the divine energy through orgasm is fornication. When man and woman fornicate with each other, they procreate physical bodies instead of solar bodies. This is carnal knowledge. It is fornication that leads man and woman to expulsion from the Lost Paradise.

“Karma creates bodies. You should never create physical bodies, they are vulnerable, and they are exposed to old age and death.” – Samael Aun Weor, For The Few.

None of you must procreate a physical child nor physical children. Fornication is an unforgivable sin. Out of fornication gives birth to children of devils. The procreation of children costs the natural resources of the Earth. Instead...

Procreate solar bodies. Procreate the soul within you. This is indeed better than creating physical bodies. The key to procreating solar bodies is the immaculate sexuality of man and woman. The secret of immaculate sexuality is to insert the virile member into the vagina and withdraw it without spilling the divine energy through the orgasm. This practice is to be performed daily. Immaculate sexuality when correctly performed does not fill the couples' lives with children nor does it create physical bodies. From there, The natural resources of the Earth are conserved, the Earth is balanced in harmony, pollution is destroyed, the population is balanced and controlled, and purity, love, and happiness are restored, allowing purity and innocence to reign once again.

These are the words of the Gods: Procreate not physical bodies but solar bodies. It is urgent to comprehend that sexual energy pushes for procreation and is inevitable. It is impossible to escape the inevitability of sexuality. Sexual desires must be destroyed and whitened back to the will to practice the golden alchemy.

I ask every one of you to share these words with the rest of the world. Not everyone is willing to accept this message. May balance and harmony be restored upon the Earth as is in heaven!