Where have I been?

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Hello everyone,

To all of your surprise probably, I am still alive despite my poor record for hive posts. Recently I've been leaning towards making websites for entertainment value, as a couple of ideas have captured my attention. I like doing these because they can usually be completed in a short amount of time so I don't get bored of them, and I have managed to use them to brighten people's days - which makes making these websites worthwhile for me.

Obviously, I won't spoil what either of the sites do, but they're completely authored by me, run in your browser only and don't track you other than [Simple Analytics] for basic site information and to see how popular they are. I can also assure you that while they seem like malware domains (I've had many people wary of clicking them due to the nature of the link) they are safe, and if you don't believe me you can always run it on your own, as all the code is open source and MIT-Licenced.

Along with this, you may notice that the repositories, while GIT, are not hosted on GitHub primarily. I am now running my own GIT server to try and rely less on large companies hosting. They may exist on GitHub as a mirror, but they are private or secondary. I think it's great that there's open source GIT implementations available with a good amount of features. As well as this I have finally started signing my commits, meaning that you can verify they are from me. You can thank @someguy123 for dragging me into PGP keys and signing. I have been interested in it many times before but I only recently decided to take the dive into it. On windows it was a little painful to setup, but in the end I got it working and it's impressively easy to setup. Maybe I'll make a guide about it in the future, but I'd certainly recommend it if you want to make using GIT more secure.

"Free Feature Films"

If you've ever watched a film on DVD, there's a high likelyhood you will recognise this website...

Site: FeatureFilms.co | Repository: git.dbuidl.com - You wouldn't steal a website

"Hot Singles"

Of course, where would we be if there wasn't dodgy dating websites promising hot singles near you. I decided to put a more wholesome spin on these types of websites which you can see below.

Site: HotSingles.cyou | Repository: git.dbuidl.com - Singles in your Area


Don't worry, while there are no Hive projects in this post, I am still maintaining projects here and will hopefully bring some more cool stuff to the platform when it crosses my mind. I have also recently upgraded My HashKings Tool to look better and provide a more modern interface.

git add *
git commit -m "Obligatory Post Hardfork Post"

please enter your password for the key "pgp-git-dbuidl"
[***********        ]

git push

~ CA


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Glad to hear you are back.

I was never gone :D

You're back!

Still don't expect regular posts from me 🤣

Sorry to hear you are struggling with regularity


You were gone? Never noticed.

Sometimes I feel so underappreciated 😌

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This was quite long but I managed to read it all. I'm glad to know you were busy making cool things for hot singles. Way to go!

Hehe thanks!