Truly random numbers based on user input.

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Hello Steemit community. If I were to say that I had one real passion, that would be programming computers. My favorite language is c++, and I mostly work on huge 5 year projects. My most recent game project is called BIOCODE X, more about this great game can be found at

Working on BIOCODE X has taught me a tremendous amount of things regarding computers. One very useful technique is the ability to easily generate truly random numbers. Generally this is quite difficult to achieve, because everything in a computer is deterministic. However, simply by rapidly counting a variable until the user presses a key or clicks the mouse generates a truly random value, which can be used as the random number generator's seed.

This is very important for the game to have naturally appearing terrain without ever repeating the world exactly twice. This is also needed for other applications such as generating private keys for wallets.


nice one mate, job well done....#thumbs_up

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