Find RC Percentage in Javascript | RC小于50%就不跟随点赞了~

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I have a trail for both voting and downvoting. These are controlled by myself - i.e. a NodeJs application managed by PM2.

For Javascript, there is only 1 library which is the steem-js. The latest version is 0.7.7:

And, there is no easy way to get the RC by using the library. Luckily I found @anyx who provides a few RESTFUL APIs on his full Node.

// to see the ping time for other nodes, please visit

And the API is: (replace the ID)

JSON response, nice.

  "rc_accounts": [
      "account": "justyy",
      "max_rc": "166759220940074",
      "max_rc_creation_adjustment": {
        "amount": "2020748973",
        "nai": "@@000000037",
        "precision": 6
      "rc_manabar": {
        "current_mana": "166759220940074",
        "last_update_time": 1584150960

Then, we can easily compute the percentage by using the current_mana/max_rc. To wrap this up in a function:

function getPercentageRC(id) {
    const url = "" + id;
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
        fetch(url).then(data => {
            data.json().then(json => {
                const max_rc = json.rc_accounts[0].max_rc;
                const cur_rc = json.rc_accounts[0].rc_manabar.current_mana;
                resolve(cur_rc / max_rc);

Then you can use this like this:

async function test() {
  const PerRC = await getPercentageRC('justyy');
  //.. do something with PerRC

Or like this:

getPercentageRC('justyy').then(rc => {
    // do something with rc.

--------------- 以下是中文------------------------------

很久很久之前忽悠了些亲朋好友加入了“足球队”,也就是把 posting_key 放心交给行长,好处是:行长帮你收取收益 (claim rewards), 然后还有就是加入行长的点赞团队。

鱼老板的几个号玩游戏玩到 没有RC了,于是需要判断RC,如果低于50%就不参于点赞了。

其它库比如 beem, dsteem 都有相应的获得 RC 的方法,而 steem-js 却没有相应的API,找了一下,发现 anyx 有提供一个 restful api.



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Dear @justyy

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Sorry about his behaviour
Yours, Piotr

Thanks for your understanding. Much appreciated.

I'm glad to see how responsive you are @justyy

ps. does website belong to you? Just curious.

Also I was wondering - are you Chinese perhaps Malaysian Chinese (I used to live in Malaysia and I've learned how huge is chinese population in this country).

Yours, Piotr

Hah, no, buymeacoffee is not mine - it is like a paypal donation.

I am mainline Chinese who is now living in UK. I speak Madrain, and Minlan dialect - which is spoken by lots of Malaysia Chinese I think.


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