KENYA, kitchen project // working as volunteers with maasai

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not long ago this place was a pile of waste. lukas, heard about plans to build a staff-kitchen in this spot. the decision to finally start the project was easy, since the team had waited for this for many years. eventually, the kitchen was built of available material found in the camp, except the cooking place. the cooking place is a self creation built by lukas..., he always wanted to create something like this - not bad for the first attempt. usually, the maasai people cook on an ordinary fire-place on the ground, but on the long run it is really bad for the back. so, lukas thought it might be more comfortable and healthy to cook when standing upright. to summarize - our maasai friends love their new cooking place.



It seems like a really nice experience, traveling always let's you find the way back to humble and more solidary ways of living, and the amazing people who have been always in such a path.

Best regards.

thank you for your greetings here :-) yes we do really enjoy our adventure...
It's so precious! have a nice day, sue