#Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis || 27-FEB-2020

Daily #Promo-Steem Curation Synopsis showcases the brilliant promo work done by Steemians to promote Steem Blockchain.



The Steem News @ 27 February 2020

Author: @pennsif

Steemit Inc MD Elizabeth Powell has given an exclusive interview about the partnership with Tron. Also in this edition there is news and updates about Splinterlands, OpenSeed, Tavern Games, Holybread, Rada Quest TCG, SteemKnights, and @votovzla's free guide to Steem. And there are more additions to the Diary Dates section as well as regular updates on the Steem Foundation and the Steem Proposal System, another Featured Contest, and an expanded Community Watch with new communities to check out.

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Please support #promo-steem !

Author: @clixmoney

I think they are all need to be supported, not only by upvotes, but by participating in their initiatives. Most of them are active in twitter promoting steem. Some of them are even active more in twitter than in steem ! Most of them are sharing steemit links and that's maybe what made Justin Sun buy steemit. His team saw us actively promoting steemit links all the time even if we use applications. Me myslef I was sharing mostly steemit links, but recently I started to use @steempeak and I find that better to share.

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Why I'm using eSteem app on my mobile

Author: @bitrocker2020

This video is literally sharing with you on eSteem app which I do use pretty much daily now as its so much convenient to have when you are always on your mobile. I like the additional advantage where you get eSteem tokens as well while using it and you are able to boost, promote or gift your points to someone else. So i do consider it as "mining" just by using the app. Check it out and if you want to download the desktop version of this app, here is the link where you can grab it.

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A guide for new Steemians | 5 | Making connections in the right communities

Author: @anouk.nox

Therefore I started writing guides where you may find some answers to your burning questions written in layman's terms so to speak. Personally, I found it hard to find answers to all my questions by using the search option at the time I joined Steemit, I hope by providing these guides I will help at least a couple of new Steemians to find their ways on the platform. Nowadays there's a lot of support from different communities that welcome people with comments below their introduction post, so that's positive and helpful as well.

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How to support #Promo-Steem

If you like the work of #promo-steem and want to support to help grow our steemit community, we have set up a great system leveraging the steem blockchain to support promoters, here are a few things you can do to support the voluntaryist promoters who are out there working hard to promote our wonderful steemit platform, which in turn, raises the the value of all of our STEEM and improves the quality of peoples lives immensely for doing valuable work:

  • Join the https://steemauto.com/ curation trail for @steem-ambassador - Add a bit of your voting power to reward promoters! See joining instructions HERE

  • Delegate SP to @steem-ambassador - If you have the means, please consider delegating some Steem Power so we can incentivize promotional work. 85% of the curation rewards that @steem-ambassador earns will be returned to the delegator each quarter based on their share of the overall delegation, so this is an active investment too. @steem-ambassador will receive 0% of the curation rewards. The remaining 10% goes to the ambassadors and 5% to the best promoters! DELEGATE HERE or you choose directly to delegate using the following links through STEEMCONNECT: 50SP, 100SP, 250SP, 500SP, 1000SP or 5000SP.

  • Follow our work, and get involved - Watch out for upcoming @steem-ambassador posts and give your approval to the Steem Ambassadors coming online.

  • Curate on posts tagged with #promo-steem, #steem, #newsteem to see the highest quality promotional blogs - The more people offering upvotes to the promoters, the more attractive it becomes to do high quality promotional work...which remember helps EVERYONE here!

  • Do some promotional work yourself - blog about it using the #promo-steem tag, which is one of the fastest growing tags on the platform! There are so many ways you can do it, and we have a vibrant community who want to get stuck in with you!

  • Visit www.promo-steem.com for inspiration, ideas, resources and communication for promoting steem.

  • Please blog about the support you are giving. If the Steem Ambassadors like it, you may earn an upvote from the @steem-ambassador account

  • Join our discord and connect with us: https://discord.gg/YgyAAzG


Thanks a lot for mentioning. I hope more steemians notice that and start to support steemians in #promo-steem