Parent of 8 month old hydrocephalus baby cry for help from steemit community

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Daniel Adebisi, a cute baby boy that came has a bundle of joy to his family, in may 2017, all of a sudden turned out to be their worst nightmare, after 2 months of Daniels birth the parents discovered something was terribly wrong, as his head was increasing as the day went by.


"The sudden transformation threw my wife and I into panic and fear as we have never seen anything like this in our lives"

Daniels father said,

"how can our beautiful child turn into a strange being right before our eyes."


"we took him to the general hospital here in shomolu, the doctor reffered us to the LASUTH(Lagos state university teaching hospital) ,


Letter of transfer

"Getting there my family was instructed to take Daniel for a computer tomography scan, while that was going on, the doctor took us into a hall where, we met 5 different families with the same condition, I felt so relieved, at least now I know we are not alone and I was able to cast away all the thoughts running through my head, but amongst all the babies there my baby's head was extra large"

Daniels father said.

when the scan result came out, it revealed that Daniels malfunction was as a result of maximal hydrocephalus.


Scan result

Mr Adebisi who is a graduate, he studied statistics and human behavior, due to the situation of the country ended up as a technician who got by as an handy man in the neighborhood and his wife whom her petty trading business crashed after the birth of Daniel.


This poor family had to charter a taxi when ever they had to take Daniel to the hospital,

" we can not take him through a public transport to avoid all eyes been cast on us", Mr Adebisi said.

After several visit to the hospital, the doctor started to drain the fluid from the head, we noticed changes after the fluid was drained three times.

photo after the fluid was drained the first time


The second time


"I have sold all my property and even run into debts, just to make sure my child lives, after all what will I be doing with a television in my house when my 8 months old baby is in pains"

Daniels head has become so heavy that, when ever his head is placed down to lay him to sleep his head develops sores, for this reason, there is not much that can be done to help him, until sores heals in order to avoid further sores that can eventually affect his brain.


screenshot gotten from video on my phone

while the interview was still going on, a young boy of about 6 to 7 years old walked in, on a school uniform, in my mind i was like "could this also be their son" then i immediately cast the thought away from my head because the young boy, was looking very handsome.


After a while the parents mother mentioned,that, that was her first son, we where all astonished, and we quickly called him up to take a photo of him.

This broke our hearts even more, and obviously Mr and Mrs Adebisi had delays in childbirth because this children are quite young and the couple where quite of age.


For Daniel to return to the healthy state and bring back the joy his condition has taken away from his family, the family of Mr Jacob Adebisi is seeking for help from the steemit community, according to them, the medical consultant, stated that the cost of Daniels surgery and rehabilitation is 1.2 million naira, which is equivalent to 500SBD.


Steemit helping hands team on our way to shomolu, the home of Daniels family


All donations should be sent to @steemhelpinghand

I do not have SBD to donate how can I help this family

Kindly upvote this post , Comment and resteem.

Why should you trust us??

when we do get the required amount for this project from the post @steemhelpinghand will be going to the hospital with this family to make payment, and proof of work will be shared with the community. Liquid payout from this post will be used for that course.

The non-liquid payout(steempower) will be used to create more awareness for the project, support other charity projects on steemit, also used to keep all new members @steemhelpinghand bring into the community.

What is @steemhelpinghand ??? See our introductory post here

live interview was held with the family watch the video below.

▶️ DTube

Oooh my goodness. Its well with you him. Upvoted,resteemed and hope our whales can see this. Keep up the good work @steemhelpinghands

Amen...thank you so much for your prayers and support

So touching. I pray for help to find them speedily.

Amen, thank you! Your resteem will create more awareness and visibilty

Upvoted and resteemed. God will intervene. Amen

I really appreciate the good effort @steemhelpinghand...more greese to ur elbows. And for the little boy, I pray the hands of God be upon him...he is healed in jesus name because the bible says by his strips, we are healed....

Amen @abiodun1.. Thanks for your support

Thank you for your prayers


Goodness! May the good Lord strengthen the family and the child.

Amen! Thanks for your support

I wish my upvote worth a million dollar vote. Meanwhile Jesus Christ will heal her in Jesus almighty name

Thank you very much, God will multiply the little you give.

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@steemhelpinghand Upvoted,praying for the family during this difficult time.Hopefully the child can undergo surgery for his hydrocephalus.

We will make sure the surgery happens @phillip20steem , more contributions and supports matters

Thank you for your prayers and support


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Thanks so much, we do appreciate

Heartbreaking condition, but heartwarming story calling the Steemit Community to action. May God bless these efforts and this family abundantly. Upvoted and resteemed.

Thanks @coachjj, God bless you for your support

Thank you for helping <3 Sending prayers to the family <3 <3 <3

We appreciate your prayers and contributions @karenfoster ,God bless you

Tienen mi pequeña ayuda; pero mis grandes deseos de que este aporte les ayude. Que tengan mucha suerte.

God bless your team as you do amazing things!!
Papa Bear Hugs!! x0x0x

Thank you so much for your prayers and support

Your team did a good job to start your project. Shout out to @phunke for mentioning this project to me. I'll be checking your project progress and keep up posted.

Please vote my owner @yehey as your Witness.


That poor boy must be in pain every day from the pressure in his head and the extra weight on his little neck. Hopefully he will get the help he needs to correct this quickly now that this wonderful community is aware of him. God bless Daniel, his family and his medical team. Lord willing, his suffering will end soon and his healing will be swift and complication free. :D
God bless everyone. Have an awesome day! :D

Thank you so much for your prayers and kind words .


You're welcome. :D I hope you'll give us an update on him in future posts. :D
I will add him, his family and his medical team to my daily prayer list. :D
God bless you all. :D

You guys are wonderful. Keep up the good work. Always will have my vote. I pray he gets better. All the help needed will be made available by God's grace. Amen!

May Almighty God help them

Oh my God. I didn't know that I shed tears until I finished reading this post and felt my cheeks wet. This is awesome and must be supported any means possible. You are all God-sent and I sincerely pray that this venture becomes a success and the money can be raised.

Upvoted, commented and resteemed!

Keep it up Gods angels! You have my full
support!! 👍

Incredible! It's so important to have people like you.
I've got the same idea like you, to make a charity-organization with steemit, and I see it works pretty fine here!

kepp up the great work! :)

Amin,,,,,,God bless you for your support.