World Unrest Awareness Initiative

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There are literally protests happening all over the world. Major news outlets don't cover most of what is going on, and when they do, we usually only get half of the story.

This is a callout to anyone that lives in a country of protest, visiting or happens to have researched what is going on, please share what you know.

Most of the people who do write about protests like in Hong Kong or Chile, get censored by platforms like Medium and YouTube. Here is another great win-win for humans + Steem.

Our next initiative is to raise awareness about the worldwide protest while promoting Steem to citizen journalists being censored.

@ocdb + I will be givng out upvotes to people who create content (anything, written/photo/video) about the protest happening around the world right now & do #posh (proof of sharing). As always, effort matters and post that show effort and provide value will receive the largest upvotes.

You can talk about the protest in any way you like, positive, negative, neutral, we just want to know what you know!

Rules: Create a post on Steem about a protest happening in any country around the world, bonus if you live in the current country and have first-hand experiences. Share your post to Twitter (bonus points for sharing to more socials.)

For example, if you're creating a post about the protest in Hong Kong, use the tags #HongKong & #HongKongProtests on both Steem & Twitter.

If you're making one about Chile, do #Chile + #ChileProtests. When you share to Twitter, put your Steem post link in your Tweet. Also, put your Tweet link in your Steem post.

Hong Kong is currently the most trending protest on Twitter.

On your Steem post use the tags #promo-steem & #posh (proof of sharing) to receive upvotes.

This is an ongoing effort, just use the tags #promo-steem & #posh + the name of the country you are covering on Steem, and I will find you, and I will upvote you.

Also, when you have some time, please check the Steem tag on Twitter, and throw some likes/comments on the posts shared for Steem as it helps us get more visibility: (it won't cost you voting power ;)


This is an amazing way to raise awareness about happenings all over the world while raising awareness as well as to the existence of steem I believe this will be massive, however many people will write about events not happening in their country, do you permit this? I'll be supporting and sharing and commenting on Twitter cuz nothing major is happening in Nigeria

I beg to differ, something big is happening in Nigeria. The Senate have read the social media bill and hate speech bill twice. If those bills get passed into law, you could receive jail time, fines or death by hanging for the content you post on the internet.
Our evil and conniving politicians are systematically trying to shut the mouths of the common man because we've been exposing them.
There were protests all over the country two days ago and on social media, people are protesting everyday. Check my page for two videos I talked about it. Follow the tag #notosocialmediabill on Twitter as well.

Solid initiative.

I live in an area of perpetual peace and safety compared to many places around the world. Doesn’t mean there are injustices but they are minor compared to so many others.

Let’s let the light shine on the virtues of this platform. Free speech and education are definitely among them.

Nice work again man. Great cause.

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I will definitely be there and give my own shared experience soon. Great initiative @theycallmedan

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Great initiative as always dan! Great to have someone like you in this community

I'm always sharing what's happening and what was happening mainly in Syria and getting banned and blocked everywhere. Not everybody like to hear the real side of the story.

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Contacting my friend in Colombia.

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Good post and initiative. Looking forward to seeing posts of real protests.

Always supporting the steem community! Much appreciated man! 💯

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@theycallmedan thank you for helping raise the awareness of the protests that are happening around the world. Hong Kong is particularly dear to my heart and we need all the global awareness we can get to helo us through this difficult time

I love this @theycallmedan and @ocd. Media freedom and freedom of expression are essential. I know what it is like to live under a regime that curtails both. Had there been the internet, social media and blockchain technology, apartheid would have ended much sooner.

PS calling over @hlezama - I know you sometimes share your struggles in Venezuela. This initiative, I am sure, will help

In this context I'd also love compilation posts which take reports of both sides of this movement and show them side by side to allow people to make up their mind themselves on this topic.

@theycallmedan, Yes, now Protests are happening on Global Levels and it's leading to Unrest and inturn these Unrest Situations create lot of Economical Imbalances.

And in a way Media never touch these topics full fledged way and that leads to misinformation and misunderstandings.

That's why nowadays we are watching Growth in Anarchy World and Individual Journalism.

These kind of Initiatives are really appreciated.

Have a wonderful time ahead and stay blessed.

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steemians will provide the power to empower such voices for sure

Pro democracy landslide win in Hong Kong election - why are people still protesting?

Thanks for creating global awareness for the HK protest everyone.

@theycallmedan Do you have a curation trail for this I can follow?

My wife and I were talking about just this thing the other day. Real (well most of them) people from all over the world sharing their personal experiences at their location. On the blockchain no less. The only way the "man" can stop that is by shutting down the internet.

I come from Lebanon, protests started a bit over a month ago. Banks are now under a capital control, people can withdraw a very limited amount from their accounts.

This all happened because people were fed up with government corruption. Also, the debt was spiraling out of control and nothing productive was done with the money.

Great things is coming from you sir thanks for promoting steem.
Twitter post

Hi, @theycallmedan!

I decided to create a series of posts so I can comment on various protests in a more summarized way (so my posts don't get so long) and to show the diversity of ideas and motivations about each country that I decide to focus on.

This is the first one:

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And with a share Model we get more Content creators.

Only with Upvote Rewards we will never get Big Social Media Stars.

Thanks @theycallmedan sir to me opportunity to talk about protests which are ongoing.
I talked about an protest which is by students of India against fee hike.

I tweets the link of my steemit post about that and this is link for tweet:-

Here is my tweet

Chile is burning with people anger against government I have covered it from very beginning so that everyone can understand this.

Here is my tweet link :-

Here is my tweet

Sir I love this idea that’s why after collecting information about Iran and Iraq protests I have written an blog which second blog by me under this initiative hope you like it.

Here is my tweet which contains steemit post links:-

I just put my post up now even though I have written it for days now, I just felt that it needs some much more Spicer thoughts @theycallmedan

I have also promoted on Twitter using the appropriate tags

I have written about Chile protest
Tweet link :-

Thank-you Dan ❤❤❤

@theycallmedan I finally found time to participate in this.

I decided to write about the protests that are happening in France. In fact we have the same issue in Russia about retirement reform, but people are not protesting here yet. In France they are doing crazy thing to protect their rights. All the details are in this post : BIG PROTEST : Why governments decided to use money of retired people ?!