#0024 proofofblind || Secret Dawg Santa Writes It Up Large For Crypto This Xmas

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Clickbait aside, it has recently come to my Dawggy notice that a certain mythical Hyumi called Secret Santa is doing the rounds on this blockchain. Of course this guy is different from Santa KLAUS who looks and acts like a Bond villan and seems to want to steal gifts and reset them or something. Just mentioning it coz some Hyumis seem a little confused by this and I wanted to clear it up before we move on!

Anyhow, this post is to announce that the Secret One has a special gift for a lil’ Puppy Dawg called Crypto.


Since lil’ Cry pto doesn’t yet have his own Dawgblog, the parcel will have to be delivered to his Hyumi, @dwinblood.

I’m asking Secret Santa to be extra gentle and considerate when the door opens and lil’ Dawg Crypto + the Winblood family stand before him. You see, Crypto is brand new on the scene and only just arrived some days ago following the recent sudden and tragic death of much-beloved Dawg Diesel.

Part of the pain is likely to be that Dwinblood doesn’t even know how/why Diesel died. He thinks he might’ve been poisoned from eating black walnuts.

This was very unexpected! Day turns to night in the blink of an eye at such times. The world STOPS!

I know that Hyumis experience GREAT pain when something like this happens! In fact, the very day we read Dwin’s post about losing Diesel we also came across another moving story from a lady who had lost her Dawg, Princess, whom she had had since Princess was just two days old.

I had to twice comfort my own Hyumi from his sobbing that day, for he was imagining the eventual loss of ME and I know how he feels about that. I tell him that it’s different for us Dawgs and that we’re always around in spirit even after you think we’re gawn. When you tawk to us we’ll listen and tawk back, just as we always did during our loving lives with you...you guys are in the MOMENT when you’re with us innit?....and so you HAVE made the most of our time together and still can... take heART! I tell him that every experience, however painful, is accurate, although of course that aspect may not register until the healing of Time reveals the Bigger Picture. I tell my Hyumi soothingly that ‘death’ for us Dawgs is FAR from the end of our relationship - it merely transforms it into something else.

So I suggested to my Hyumi that we use the opportunity of Secret Santa’s presence in town to deliver a lil’ gift to Diesel’s successor, the cute lil’ Puppy Dawg Crypto. In fact, when I was checking some random updates on the Dawgnet, I saw numerous messages come in from the other side, all of them indicating that Diesel was (1) delighted that Dwinblood has lil’ Puppy Dawg Crypto as a companion (2) delighted in the choice of Crypto as DB’s Dawggy companion and successor!

The cover image to this post therefore, is a lil’ gift for Crypto and his family, sent with much warmth and all imaginable Best Wishes of Dawg and Man 🙏🤗

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Wow, really nice of Secret Santa to show some love to little Crypto. I had read about the loss of Diesel and the new Crypto so I know the long way shows of love like these can go👍

Thank You Very Much for saying so bro 🤗


I remember what it was like being blind...

Hi please I posted using the VYB front end but can’t find my post any where on the site vybrainium.com

There were two posts that were made after the front-end went live but before the rewards-pool smart contract went live (your post plus one other by @irivers).

Those posts were not indexed and thus do not show up via the front-end and did not directly earn any VYB tokens. However, those posts will still receive VYB rewards, but that will have to be done independent from the smart contract.