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The Metaverse has been a subject of discussion for some time now and it seems that nothing will stop this new digital environment from taking over the internet. We might argue that the activities that are envisioned to happen in the Metaverse are a replica of what we are already familiar with, but the fact remains that the Metaverse will offer a different way of doing things. For example, we use applications like zoom for virtual meetings but there isn't any feeling of being in the same environment with other participants.

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In the Metaverse, we can move from one place to the other, interact with each other from the same environment. The difference is thus clear and shows that the Metaverse will offer a different approach to something we have already known or used.

Presently people have been buying lands from projects that have launched their Metaverse. The lands can be used for gaming purposes, rent out for rewards, or even for advertisement. Those who are early landowners in the Metaverse who bought lands in a very good position will benefit massively from the use of the lands when more people come into the project. There is thus a need for data authentication and identity issuing, such that when people claim ownership of a particular place in the Metaverse, they will back it up with proof. This ( identity issuing) in addition to the blockchain will help secure users from falling into fraudsters. Those of us who play the rising star game and perhaps other games on the Hive Blockchain will attest to the fact that there are clone copies of game cards listed in the marketplace.

In the crypto world, people have created clone smart contracts of a token and have made people buy their token in place of the real token. With Self-Sovereign Identity services, investors will be able to distinguish between a real product and a clone product because two different products cannot have the same identity. Projects in the Metaverse especially the gaming companies can leverage SSI to detect multiple accounts, promote their brand through the issued identity given to players which they carry about around the Metaverse. Players on their part will have control over the data that is available to other players and the gaming industry.

Interoperability of data will certainly exist in the Metaverse, thus with SSI, an extra layer of security is added. The good thing is that SSI utilizes the power of the blockchain in ensuring that users' information is secured while permitting the interoperability of data.

New to Self-Sovereign Identity?

Self-Sovereign Identity focuses on giving full control of data to the user. With SSI, we do not need to go through the rigorous process of registering for every site we have to interact with, and we also control the level of information available to these sites / third-party organizations. Outside the control it gives to individuals and organizations, the authenticity of data can easily be verified.

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