Proofofbrain photo contest : My Entry for COLORFUL Life. Round #5 📸

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Good morning Hive Friends,
How are your doing today? Hope you have a great week ahead as I do.

While scrolling around the Hive community, I saw a post from @brittandjosie about COLORFUL Contest and I would love to share with you some photos from the area where I am living at the moment.
As you can see from my past posts, I am attracted and love to spread good vibes and positive thoughts. Colorful life is a part of that! And nightlife city is the best time to amazed me with lively colors. Let's make a tour surrounding my city. All photos below were taken mainly along the Han river while driving in the evening. They look stunning, are they?

IMG_20210526_195752 (1).jpg

I took this picture on purpose and I like it a lot. They are just sparkling and mysterious!


This photo was taken in Hoi An ancient town where is not far from my house last autumn when my friends visited me.

Hoi An Impression Show that I highly recommend you to watch when you travel to our country and especially visiting Hoi An

IMG_20200708_214512 (1).jpg
What do you think about these colorful light lines? I was the first impression when I moved to Danang for living. (Small note: I am not an original citizen from here.)

Love Bridges where couples come for wishes ;) and watching a Fire Show by Dragon. Every weekend, the authority organizes a fire show at Dragon bridges. Let's imagine, how magical when you see the dragon blow fires from his mouth!^^

Danang city from a Sky Bar, look so peaceful right?

This is Thuan Phuoc bridges which I used to show in another post, I love this bridge the most, so colorful and powerful in its look. Someone told me that it's the same Sanfransico bridge and I checked online, yes it is. Do you think so?

What a colorful Danang is! I love this city not only the dynamic vibes but also the colorful bridges built here, so gorgeous and significant! Thank you for organizing the #POBPHOTOCONTEST so that I can share some favorite photos with the world.
Stay Safe Wherever You are and Hope to See You in Danang One Day 😘


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Thank you for your recommendation. I had been to Hoi an before but havent tried the Hoi An Inpression Show. Will check it out next time

Thank you for stopping by 🤗 yes, there are 2 shows which I highly recommend you to watch is A O show and Hoi an impression show, worth spent time & money on 🤩

Woww! Sự rực rỡ của phố thị, đẹp quá đi nàng

Thank you so much. Yeah, I love this colorful city 😁 let's have cf soon 😍