Grow INDOOR Lettuce in Winter!


Planting INDOOR Lettuce!

Short Dark Winter Days and no Gardening, mean less fresh food, right? Not if you plan it right! I plant lettuce and greens indoors for fresh food during my winter months. Check out this video showing how I start my winter INDOOR garden!

Please let me know in the comments, what do you do during winter for your garden? Grow Anything? Let me know, below!

My gardens are in Zone 7a/7b. Thank you, Global Climate Change.

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Watch below, to see how I went from sowing seeds to harvesting carrot!

Most of you know, I prefer to grow my own food, locally. It's healthier for my family, and for the planet. I know what goes into my foods, and what chemicals are NOT in my food. Also, It cuts down on carbon emissions, less trucking, planes, trains, and boats, to get fresh foods to my table.

And that makes me smile... better for the planet, better for my own family.

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It's time to take control of your own food supply,
your own health and your own lives.

The GroVid23 Challenge:
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it's about taking control of your future!

Happy Gardening and Cheers,

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I rearranged my garage so I could keep my truck indoors for the winter. And made sure I kept access to my shelves with grow lights. But haven't put them to use yet. Why the emphasis on sifted soil? just because the seeds are so small and starter lettuce is small?

Yeah. tinier seeds need looser soil., and not a lot of big things (bark/sticks, etc) interrupting their roots. They CAN grow, but you get better germination in looser, finer soil.

Peas? Cuke/Squash, etc can go most anywhere.

I've been wanting to try making a hydroponics system for greens when I have the money to buy building supplies. The reason is, I have a nickel allergy which removes whole categories of food from my diet because of their nickel content - including leafy greens, completely. But they are absorbing the nickel from the soil, so if I grow hydroponically, I should in theory be able to eat them again? I hope?

really, depends on the purity of water you use for growing hydroponically.
Also, usually plants with the darker leaves tend to be the type that take up more nickel (Deep Lettuces, Spinach, etc) but Red Leaf and Iceberg Lettuce is usually lower in nickel, compared top their cousins w/ dark green leaves

Wow! This video is really helpful. Very easy way to plant during winter.
And yes, planting your own food is very healthy, at least you know what is going inside of you and you are sure it is healthy

The best reason to garden is making sure what you eat is healthy!