I was reminded, recently, of what truly is important.
After a very long challenging week, you know the kind. Where nothing goes right?
Big things and little keep adding up, to making for a hard week. I had one crisis after another. Looking back now, I laugh.


My boat broke down. Had some troubles with my RV camper. One of my favored tomato plants dried up. A craft fair, later this fall cancelled. Needed a new battery for another issue. had this or that... whatever. You know, things. Things in life. Things happen. Things happened to things. In the grand scheme, nothing, really, but, it added up to me, being .. whatever.

One of my closest friends lost a relative, this past week. This is also the anniversary of some other close relatives passing.
That's real. That hurts. That is devastating.

Another close friend let me know of what was going with their family. It wasn't things. It was real. Her son wasn't feeling good, came to the house, and within an hour, both her adult 30 something son, and her husband were in Hospital for Covid. Her husband has serious long term heart issues, and one moment, he was fine, next, on machines. He's better now... but if wasn't things. It was real.

I was telling yet another friend what I was going through, being sad, because, I wanted nothing more than to show my daughters a fun time, take them out on my boat, something they've always loved to do growing up... I was reminded... I have two very healthy daughters. I spend time with them. They have a good time with me, not because of the boat, but, because we spend time together.

I was reminded, of that simple immutable fact: Spending time with my family is important. It is fun. It isn't going to the beach, or being on the boat, or camping. Or whatever. It is spending time with loved family, together.

I am thankful for my time together. It is THE gift. not something I can repay. It is the reason I smile. Time. Together. It turned out, the camper was fixed. They are here, with me. We spent the morning, all 3 of us, scrubby brushes, squirty soap things, and hoses, Swabbing down the boat, attempting bad sea shanty songs, making pirate jokes. It was not what anyone would call fun. There were no whales, or dolphin, or sharks, no seas, no waves, no sea spray. No fun? We had an amazing morning. Together. Laughing. It wasn't other things. It was time. Together.

The gift we have is time. Together. Laughing. Loving. THAT can never be repaid. We do not know what the master plan is. We do not know how long that gift will last. We can only help ourselves, to spend time, together. Loving.

And that makes me smile...

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Life is tough at times, but we have to count all the small blessings we have to keep soldier on. Time is precious and we’d better make the most at present, for the future is full of uncertainty and changes.

Stay strong and cheerful.

What I learned is this: They small blessings really are the treasures. The challenges and hard lessons? Truly are nothing, if we can accept the gifts given to us, and spend the time loving family and friends.

Wonderful post. Family centers you. Brings you back to what’s important especially after a crappy week out there in the rat race of life.

they truly do Ground and center me

It's funny, that a platitude so concise could hold meaning so powerful, so real. It's the little things. Laughing, having breakfast with my family this morning, my mother mentioned something along the same lines.

It's true. It's also peculiar how fate works- who we know, who we meet. I think I recognize a fellow alum, funnily enough.

Happy to hear you're enjoying the practice of being present.

Certainly an alum of the dirty water along the Charles, my friend!

Well, I love that dirty water... Boston, you're my home.

Sorry to hear that you had a tough week my friend. It's great though, that you were able to spend quality time with those you love, being able to look back on the dramas and laugh.. and take time to remember those who've passed on. Keep well my friend. Thanks for the lovely post, serving as a reminder.

Indeed, time wiht loved ones, is my most treasured gift

Hello @bluefinstudios

I’m sorry that things have been rough for you, it’s not easy to balance everything that life throws at you at once, I patiently read through and when I got the happy part I smiled, I smiled because you are hanging in there no matter what and that’s what matters.

So from this part of the world I’m sending the biggest and warmest virtual !hug to you dear friend🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗

Dear @bluefinstudios, you just got hugged.
I sent 1.0 HUG on behalf of @ibbtammy.

It isn't about the rough things... it is so much more! It is about Family. and Love! Thank you for my Hugs!

You are most welcome, see you around😃

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 168 of my contest just can now check the winners of the previous week!

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Lovely photo, Blue. I'm glad you are getting these precious moments with your girls. I am trying to hang onto the little laughs and jibes and fun with my kids too! They are growing up so fast. I adore my boys... my heart melts with them, in between wanting to knock a lot of sense into them haha. Happy times indeed xx

you know, there is always something amazing to remember, to experience, to hang on to! I love the life experiences, and memories I build and create with my girls.