The World Doesnt Need More Rules

in #proofofbrainlast year

Today democracy is the world order and we bathe in the pool of rules, guidelines and regulations.

It all about paperworks to travel, taxing when you earn money and lockdowns when you should be outside. Or vaccines when you are doing just fine.


We've constructed so many laws and biases that it is too much to take note of it all. We made decisions only based on what's accepted and not on what should be right.

Like taxes shouldn't be right if its not being put to good use.

The rules thats being made on a lot of things like the taxation of income that we've all agreed on a long time and a lot of us are born Into it is like handing over our purse to the theives but he's not holding a gun only promises of making your world better with his rules.

To me these rules are becoming so unreal and abstract bwcause when you pay a sum of money to some people it should be for a service and if we ask ourselves what purpose does todays democracy serve in making thing right except for making more rules? We mostly find ourselves at a dead end.

They just sit in their little room and debate on who gets to steal the states money next.

Or making more taxations rules that only takes hold on the average person. The democracy dictators themselves are in most cases not being affected by these rules are they.

Take for instance If you pay a tax to the government of your country who do they pay a tax to or what service do they do with such tax than to make more rules that makes things more hard for their citizens.

It is different in each places and only to some degree that some are just a lilttle bit better than the other. With more rules and regulations all over the world it has become suffocating to not think about it everyday.

Especially after the covid lockdown where everyone is being told when to go out and what to wear when going out and what time too.

All this has made the world a little box that people can't get around because you need some paperworks to travel or do anything in this planet earth. Freedom has become an illusion to an average person and no one talks about it or feel it should be addressed.

It is a good thing that these things are in place but if we ask ourselves why need them then we can come to a conclusion that its not to keep us safe nor to get criminals with so many paperworks to get anything done.

If we are being honest with oirselves we'll see that the rule makers themselves are exploiting all the lose ends and our data's to manipulate society and therefore create a world thats under their control.

If we need more rules would it make a better world or not? Let me know how you feel about rules like taxing and travelling embargos that happens during covid and still happening in some places and to some extent. It could be anything too.

Until next time


As the great Tate says, "Rules were made by people that benefit them".