Who says it's impossible to consistently beat the stock market? 🎯🎯🎯

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I've been beating the market (DOW, S&P, Nasdaq) for as long as I can remember! It takes money to maker money, I remember starting all this trading with about 30K back in 1999, went big into Apple, and the rest was history. I admit i've made plenty of mistakes too over the years, otherwise I'd be well over a Million in here by now, however I think I'll reach that goal by at least 2025!
Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 3.45.36 PM.png
It's been pretty rough enduring the portfolio throughout the Bear Market, however it looks like I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel now! πŸš‡πŸš‡πŸš‡

Making money with stocks in the Bear Market!

Bear markets have some of the best rallies, remember right after March 2020... I think this has to do with the elevated levels of short interest in the stocks.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 3.52.02 PM.png

Lately i've been back to work making money trading stocks, above is a screenshot of the past few weeks with the money flowing in! I'm finally at the point where I feel comfortable transferring out half of my daily gains, and it's beginning to add up in a big way. I finally just paid off all my debt, being debt free feels liberating, so now if I can keep making all this money I'll have enough extra for investing in even more crypto, HIVE included.

When it comes to trading, I don't try to make money, I let the money come to me!

My strategy is simple, I stick to winners that I like, understand, and trust, I invest, and don't forget to harvest profits during the good times. For instance I like Apple, Amazon, and MRNA, so I just tend to just juggle these same old darling stocks around! By sticking to the big names, it's a safer bet for me, which really tends to minimize my unrealized losses if my timing is off. I trust these stocks will always come back, so I love to buy them on the dips especially.

Screenshot 2022-08-09 at 4.41.29 PM.png

Since i've been getting better at trading with stocks, I think my next step is to start trading more HIVE on the next bull run, but it's going to take a lot of patience from here. The trick for me will be to power down without selling too much, and wait until I see HIVE do what it did last November (HIVE $2.87). Until then it's probably best to just sit back and let the spikes come to me.


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I'm lazy. I just have strong dividend stocks and let the divs offer me discount on my weekly purchases.

Yeah I love getting dividends too, i'll hold a core of dividend stocks and trade around it.

That's great

I think it's a good strategy that you are using. It's better to invest in projects and companies that you are enthusiastic about than other ones. It makes the waiting period easy because you wouldn't be moved by what the market is doing and the fact that they will recover doesn't change.

I hope Hive hits that point you want it so you can do your trading.

That's so awesome! I am just getting my start on actually winning money in the markets after losing on futures, forex, crypro, and stocks. At least I never had much to lose, so overall, losses have been small, but one day soon maybe I can follow where u just started.. :P

I totally agree with u and that is smart.. to stick to what u know and works for u..


Thanks for keeping us updated & informed, @coininstant. I am in the slowly-but-surely camp. Creeping slowly, an ounce at a time.

Oh shit, you've been trading since 1999! That's cool, Vet. The way you put it in this post sounds so easy and makes me feel like I can do same. It's about certain that these big names would always recover from any dip.

Yeah, trade hive too like you plan, if you will I'll like to recommend @tobetada who does good analysis and predictions of the hive market and cryptocurrency market. As always, his posts aren't financial advice, you know the DISCLAIMER. Even this recommendation of mine isn't financial advice too πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

Thanks, I do generally follow @tobetada's posts, keeps me well informed and sets a game plan with some very good targets.

Cool, you already know him πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


At times I am always afraid to risk the stock market


Good strategy

Hi @coininstant, it's great that you share your experiences.