The meek inherit the Earth


There is no point in denying that those who oppress & control others fully deserve to be in the Hell that they have tried to create for all other lifeforms. However full enlightenment, the one consciousness, cannot be achieved without them as part of it. It is, therefore our duty to work towards teaching those misguided individuals how to overcome their conditioning & the powerful lure of wealth & predation. They are so damaged, even in their genes, we cannot help but feel pity for them - we certainly wouldn't want to BE them, would we?
Our shining example of loving kindness will irritate them immensely, in fact evidence of that is appearing everywhere. They commit ever more vile atrocities on children, animals & even the land itself. They are constantly goading us to rebel, to riot & to resort to chaos & violence. This tactic has only ever been partially successful in the past causing their impatience for full martial law to spill over into deliberately created wars between the nations.
They are astounded at our calmness & our clear contempt for their manipulations. They announce, daily, with evident glee, this atrocity, that violation of our rights.... this abomination against those that oppose them & that threat to our health... on & on they go, practically foaming at the mouth, robbing & degrading, slandering & deceiving.


Still we watch in silence.
We have the advantage of the higher moral ground. It is grinding at their consciences, it is revealing even to themselves, just how lowly, in spite of their apparent wealth, they & all the generations of their ancestors are.
We are winning this war between good & evil. They know it. Just before death, any wounded creature writhes in agony & desperation, kicks & screams, lurches about & bellows with rage. But eventually it succumbs to the greater force of nature.... and in dying, it releases it's energy back to the oneness.
Therefore by calmly waiting, we the meek, truly will inherit the Earth.
No other outcome is possible.

It is very difficult to remain passive when all around are turning to chaos, reacting to the stimuli slammed at us every day. It is instinct to self-defend & I know this personally from bitter experience.
But when you can clearly see that you are being goaded & prodded into action, whipped up into a frenzy of rage.... that is the time to step back & look beyond the surface. Pull back the veil & inspect the sources of chaos.


Upheaval always comes from rapid changes being implemented among those who wield wealth. What is their objective?
It seems to me that, in fear of losing hundreds of years worth of preparations, the predator class is reaching a form of hysteria & is racing ahead to bring their plans to fruition.
They want us all gone, a clear slate, a world devoid of life except that which suits their agenda & which can be controlled.
This insanity has been building into a frenzy because, thanks to the internet & improved communications between us all, we are not so inclined to hate whoever they are pointing the finger at this week.
We are saying "Hang on a minute!" & doing our own research to discover why certain nations or religions are to be viewed with suspicion.
Only those who will profit handsomely from war actually bay for it & unfortunately many poorly informed people permit themselves to be dragged into it.

Written for Facebook post 18th November 2014


Frances, who is the woman researcher you mentioned in your last interview (it was hard to make out her name)? I heard you say Anna--(last name sounded like DeBursalay?) She works in London. Please post her name and url to website. Thanks.

If this was the post that facebook thought to be so subversive it must be censored, good for you!
Its an excellent one to exit that tainted platform on. I've been locked out of my facebook acct now for almost ten years. Its possible some twitter posts or imgur posts still get added via ITTT rules. Zero care factor. Congrats again on the platform exit.