Bruce banner. Some sweet smoke!


So I went over to my friend's house and I forgot my weed so....

And then I had to run to the store and get some Bruce banner $20 for an eighth.

Which kind of sucks because I got an ounce for 48.

Well hopefully it'll be pretty tasty and smoke well...


Well today I might have a new friend.

Good choice.


Well my puppy dog is having a great time running around with his bestie.


And of course Tonight is the last night of pizza because tomorrow we're going to be down at the river again and we're going to test out the new window vent covers.

It is definitely warmed up enough that we can wander off now.

Yeah the last little bit this weather has been really rough so might as well stay close to family and indoors a little bit.

However I really enjoy my family and my friends so I've been pretty blessed myself.

That and if it really does get too cold I do have the ability to hide out a little bit at my brother's house.

And it's going to be a good time here soon with this new battery. That's gonna be nice to be able to charge things up again and have the extra power to charge up.

Yeah man.


That bud look's good bruce banner is a nice strain thanks for sharing @tipu curate 👍🏾 2

Just wait until I'm growing again... Then I'm gonna have some fire..

Sounds good bro 👊🏾 I definitely need to share something soon I got a nice selection at the moment

Ok I got to go bro it's gym time 💪🏾 I hope that you have a wonderful day today and a great week ahead 👊🏾

Smoke before the gym and you always will love it!

Most times I do have a little one 🤝🏾

Yeah man!

Bruce Banner is a great strain! So is Wedding Cake!

Yep I really need to add some gorilla glue.

Which is kind of ironic I thought they weren't allowed to have that brand name.