insanity. Don't use them what a joke.

Great advertising.... And what a complete joke. I input my driver's license and it just recycles me.

Customer service number? None.

Email? What a joke. 20 emails and all day and nothing at all just a complete waste of time.

Personally? Yeah I'm just astounded.

I'm working on getting into coinbase. And no luck there and so far no support.

Well. What a pain. Cryptocurrencies arnt worth much if you can't use it...

And I've got a dead battery and could really use a little of this to save my buns.

Well. What a frustrating day. All day I've workind this. Coinbase I'm signed up all that and waiting on account verification. Which they didn't do... Oops. Well can't talk to your bank and it prevents you being a customer.

And if they don't let you sign up? Well that just makes people hate your business. And then their entire biometric data harvesting. Oh yeah that's right is more interested in harvesting biometric data from the customers...


Why is it that no matter how patient I try to be with all of this it seems to throw me as many problems as possible.

It's like none of this computer stuff ever works well or like it's supposed to.

Well at least for me and I'm getting pretty frustrated so I think I'm just going to have to call it a day and go throw a chunk of metal through a bunch of 1940s era German soldiers craniums.

Yep that's right it's time for sniper elite 4.

Looks like I'm still screwed!


Maybe use a VPN and region lock it outside of Murica, see if you get better results.

Good advice but I'm not that tech... Thanks!!!

fairly easy to use dude, get Nord or something like that. Install their app on your computer. Sign in to the app. It will have option to then select a server outside of Murica. Then boom. You done.

LoL... Should I tell him?

Does he not know?


Yeah I don't have a computer it's all through my broken phone... Yeah.......

Trying to stack up enough funds and get a laptop... Don't think anyone here is gonna cash me out and buy me a computer for my hive anytime soon...

hmmm i think you can get it on your phone too

nord and other vpns have an app that allows you to do that too.

Kraken has pretty good customer service. But it too has KYC... but maybe it's worth a try whilst you wait.

Anything is better than this. Omg. Yeah this company is a joke.

Nope not allowed to use that... Whew... Wow. At least they said that right up front.


Strange... A couple of friends got the credit card from a long time ago. It took a long time to receive, but it works. I hope you find a solution...

Yeah if they can't sign people up then blame them... They lose business...

Such crap. Oh well they don't need to be successful.

Next options are getting ready to get business.

Randomly came across this old post. I use Gemini for the limited alt coins in USA
And cash app is cheapest fees for bitcoin. At least it has micro fees like u can buy $5.00 worth and pay .15 cents
Unlike many others where it’s minimum .99 cents

Who u go with?

I haven't for a while.bit usually cash app.

I am waiting for some better ones to come out.

When my wallet got stolen I got tried to get the card replaced and it was going to be like an act of congress to get another card.

Well with Bitpay, no mess no fuss, just had to pay an extra $10 and they sent a new card. That is my preferred crypto card really, or just go into gift cards using Bitrefill

I'll look into this.

Such crap they can't even have an app that works.

Sigh. Oh well next business that wants to work and can do this... I'm hitting them up next.

I see now it was about cars not buying token.
It pays to read whole thread b4 replying😂

Cash app and BitPay I got. I hardly use but BitPay was simple and fast

Keep trying and be patient in no distance time u get will get a new one

Yep that's true!