Greetings Hivers! Let's play a game, shall we? Here goes:

Put a finger down if you ever had to think twice before posting content (on any platform at all).

Put a finger down if you've ever started something brilliant but you still stopped on the way to seek someone else's opinion.

Put a finger down if you've ever wanted to do what someone else is doing instead of doing you.

Game over, I bet your finger went down once or twice. Well, mine went down so three times. It's human nature to want to feel accepted so relax, this is definitely not weird.

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Acceptance is something most people have struggled with at some point in their lives. Human beings are social beings which is why we tend to want to know or imagine what people in the society think about us and just like most things in life these has its good sides and bad sides.

We can do this! We are talented! But yet we still struggle to put the brilliant work we've done out there. We prefer to just sit on it or shove it in cos we're scared of what everyone else would think.

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As a designer, I've struggled with this a lot. It took me time to actually get around to start showing people my works. I preferred to just create something and keep it locked somewhere but then I thought to myself if I don't shine my light, who would help me shine it?

In essence, people's opinions actually matter cos even criticism can help you to be better but we all should try our possible best not to let other people stop us from being the best version of ourselves. I'm learning to do this and I also hope everyone can learn to do the same which is why I'm glad I'm on this platform and I hope that in due time I'd be able to start sharing my designs with you all.

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Thank you for reading!


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