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Every now and then I like to mix up my posts and share something a little different and not just focus the post on a specific coin or bar.

For those of you who have been reading my posts over the past few weeks will know that I have written a number of COIN REVEAL posts about precious metal coins and bars struck by Scottsdale Mint.

I will return to that post series in the next few days, as I have many other cool items to write about from Scottsdale Mint.

Today I have decided to take a couple screenshots of the photos that are stored in my cloud storage location. It is this location that I browse each night to determine which coin or bar I will write about.


I know I always get a thrill and sense of excitement when I see all the beautiful precious metal items in a collage on my screen. You get to share in that this evening.

As you scroll through the images you will recognise a number of the coins and bars that I have written about recently. You will also notice a number of the coins and bars I have not written about yet. So in a way this post is a bit of a sneak peek of what is to come in the days and weeks ahead.


Most of the posts I have done in the past couple weeks have been about silver coins and bars. You'll notice in the photo collages that many of the photos are of gold coins and bars. That is definitely something to look forward to if you are a bit of a gold bug.

I love silver and that is the precious metal that got me started in my stacking pastime, but I have truly come to love gold. There really is something unique and special about gold. Its durability and ability to remain in perfect, shiny condition is amazing.

As special as gold is, it is just so much more expensive per ounce than silver, so the majority of my stack is still made up of silver, but as the years have gone by I have been able to accumulate some great gold coins and bars too.


Silver and gold bullion are my staples when it comes to stacking, but those of you who know me, know that I also have a soft spot for collectables. Collectables are still silver or gold items, but they are a bit rarer or a bit more unique than your typical bullion products.

Collectable items are almost always only picked up on the secondary market, from coin shops, antique shops, trade fairs, or private collectors. I think that is part of the challenge that I so enjoy. Finding the rarer items provides such a great thrill. I recently picked up a great collectable item from a trade fair, I walked up to the trader's stand and saw the item and almost jumped with joy.

I will write about the item in the next few weeks, but as a bit of a taster I will let you know that it is a 1kg silver coin that is very difficult to come by and highly sort after. Stay tuned! 💰

Post authored by @strenue
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I am forever smitten by gold. Someday. I will covert my silver stack into gold, those I can part ways with anyway.
I have accumulated just a little amount of gold, a few 1 ouncers, but more on fractional.
A great article @strenue and I enjoyed looking at the photos!

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And diagnosed with various strains of stackitis too.

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You have a great selection of Gold. They also looks like BU condition !

Kilo coins are the best I got a couple of bars but hope to get a nice kilo coin soon when I come across a reasonable deal

I am looking to forward to reading your blog🤗