COIN REVEAL: Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin

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Today's coin reveal post features the Austrian Philharmonic Gold Coin.




Coin Story

The Vienna Philharmonic, also known as the Philharmonic, is a popular bullion coin made from gold, silver, or platinum. Minted by the Austrian Mint, it's named after the famous Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, which is featured on the coin's design.

First introduced in 1989, the gold Philharmonic quickly became a top-selling bullion coin globally. In 2002, the coin's face value switched from Austrian schillings to euros due to the currency change. The Austrian Mint expanded the Philharmonic line in 2008 with a one-ounce silver version and in 2016 with a one-ounce platinum coin. Both silver and platinum versions also have a face value of 100 euros.

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The coin of gold one is beautiful and the silver one looks elegant and sober.
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Classic for sure looks extra nice in gold !BBH

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You can't go wrong with Philharmonics! 😁


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with a spot price more than 2100 EUR their value is far over the face value. because the coin is valid currency when travelling with them customs officers are required to consider the face value of the coin and not the spot price of the metal.