Human AI PIN: the future of the mobile phone.

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Human AI PIN: the future of the mobile phone

The replacement of the mobile phone will appear very soon and it seems that it will be a device based on artificial intelligence. It's called the Human AI PIN and it can be mounted somewhere in the chest area. It weighs around 34 grams and can project all your emails and everything you need in the palm of your hand. It is interesting that this device will be able to translate in real time anything or whenever you want to record someone, and this might seem like it will no longer be something intrusive.

Advantages of Human AI PIN

Human AI PIN has a number of advantages over traditional mobile phones. First, it's a much smaller and easier to carry concept. Second, it's more comfortable to use because users can see the information they need in the palm of their hand. Third, it offers a variety of advanced features such as real-time translation and conversation recording.

Disadvantages of Human AI PIN

Human AI PIN also has some disadvantages. First, it's still in development, so there may be some performance issues. Second, it can be more expensive than traditional cell phones.

If Human AI PIN fulfills its potential, it could become the new standard for mobile devices. What price do you think this portable device could be sold for?


AI is really changing the way we see the world and making the world to develop at a faster pace

I’m short of words
AI is really going far right now
I just feel it wants to be able to interfere in everything humans do

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