Propolis Wiki - Edit of the Week #1!

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Welcome to our first Edit of the Week highlight, where we pick just that and award 25 HBD to the editor. You can read more about this weekly contest as announced here


We are just starting out but have had plenty of helpful and engaged Hive enthusiasts join the team and begin adding content and edits to the wiki.

You can read a few (and get inspired to make your own) here:


The panel of judges aptly chose with @wagnertamanaha as the editor!

Criteria included the detail on the subject, completeness, favoring well-structured and well-referenced articles that don't require a lot of editing by others.

"Editing a page shouldn't be rewarded. Editing a page that no one else has edited subsequently or only you have edited subsequently, meaning the content is stable, should probably be rewarded because what you want is a stable repository of information that is only updated when there's something new to say."
@lextenebris (2020)


Finally, we have to say a big thank you to @wlffreitas who has put in plenty of great work completing the final Official Propolis Wiki Logo.








Don't let this opportunity pass - request your editor authorization now. Comment below and join our Discord where we can help you set up keychain, coordinate articles and can give some good advice on form and content.

See you soon and Hive on!


Propolis Wiki:
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The Propolis Team

@pharesim – A reputed witness, creator of Curangel and skilled blockchain developer who runs the technical gears of Propolis. The godfather of the concept, early adopter, and community leader since April 2016
@zekepickleman – Digital marketer, communication specialist, wordsmith and Hive enthusiast since before the fork
@godfish – The founding father of the Czech community oversees the content part and makes things happen. Onboarding specialist, happy to help you aboard!
@incublus – An Ecency live show host, experienced curator and leader of the Turkish community, Discord server admin.
@nikv – A dedicated Curangel curator, skilled wordsmith, and proofreader dedicated to plentiful Propolis content of the highest quality.
@wlffreitas - Taking care of the Wiki's visual appeal
@hivetrending - A developer contributing to hive in a multitude of ways, not least by running pizza.witness

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Thank you very much! I'm happy to have my collaboration chosen as the first Edit of Week! Let's make the wiki of all hiveans! I plan to reserve half of the prize to redistribute to monthly rewards all the wiki participants proportionally of their number of editions, like I used to do with another wiki before the hardfork. Keep safe, thanks and good luck again!

We are just starting out but have had plenty of helpful and engaged Hive enthusiasts join the team and begin adding content and edits to the wiki.

That's a very good sign, for #hive to reach to more.

I !LUV it. I will check it out some more. !LOLZ


Congrats on the attention and value you have added to the project!

We are building a Hive army of editors and article writers and I love that there are contribution awards early and often.

Jump on board if you can write a wiki article!

Hello again!
I love this initiative and would be honored to play a small part by being able to write about it. Please let me know!