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Two weeks ago the was launched by @pharesim and his team, as a wiki enthusiast I quickly applied to join and published my first articles there:

The great innovation in this new project is that the articles are viewed on wiki but also saved in the blockchain. All the authors and contributors must use their Hive account login to publish and edit wiki pages. You can check these data in @propolis.eng.

I believe as it evolves, maybe including monetization and rewards systems like I proposed in this post before the hardfork - An idea of a Mediawiki extension to connect with blockchain and its content reward system - the blockchain and crypto integration could atract play2earn gamers and other web3 projects users to build their knowledge base and fan content wikis using Hive.

Long time wiki and notetaking addicted

As I confessed few days ago in this post (in portuguese), I'm addicted to wiki since the Wikipedia begining, I tried other blockchain initiatives like Everipedia, now and Lunyr, that I registered here in 2018: My first contribution on Lunyr (a Wikipedia like website running on Ethereum blockchain) was approved: an article about CryptoKitties!

Recently I was trying Notion, Tiddly Wiki and Roam Research (with its impressive data visualization graphs). Despite using the Confraria Web3 community site, I think could be the place to gather and promote Hive brazilians users and projects like @hive-br, @perfilbrasil, @pixbee, @skatehive, etc. Maybe I repeat the same incentive with rewards distributions like the former account - Does Hive need a wiki? What about a wiki similar with we had in the previous blockchain? - with all liquid rewards collected with this post and next of the same subject being monthly distributed to participants.

Thanks a lot, keep safe and good luck to all of you again!


When do you plan your next article on propolis?

I'm preparing one article about Hive Engine, I hope to publish it until sunday.


Wiki is always great format to share knowledge!
Tks for the mention 🐝

The Pixbee and Pix articles are in my list for next articles contribution. Thanks, keep safe and good luck again!

I really like this wiki project, it creates a valuable resource for all hive users, once we get a good amount of articles in there, then it can be a reference to new users.

I hope the articles could aggregate the content about Hive available in the blockchain and other blogs and news outlets spread on the internet. Maybe it would help people use Hive better or even to decide for dapps and services. Thanks a lot, keep safe and good luck again!

I think could be the place to gather and promote Hive brazilians users and projects.

It should be Wikipedia-like - it shall not promote anything, but provide reliable and unbiased information.

"unbiased" like Wikepedia - are you kidding?
I would say, it should be Wikipedia-like, but unbiased 😄.

Wikipedia aims/aimed on being unbiased. I guess it depends on the language, the Czech one seems to be rather good.

In some areas both the German and the English versions are very biased towards the political left spectrum. A famous example is the formerly well-reputated historian Daniel Ganser. As soon as he published politically not so correct findings, his entry was edited to put him into a bad light.

I agree it ended up biased in case of many articles, cannot judge those regarding Daniel Ganser as this is the first time I've heard the name.

However, the original intention was to write it in an unbiased manner, however hard it is. Information is power, no wonder the real Wiki attracts people who want to misuse it to their own benefit, or simply to manipulate potential readers. I've never been a Wikipedist myself, so I only have a vague knowledge about the editting process there.

Anyway, I believe we should aim on providing as unbiased and reliable information as we can on Propolis. Money talks, and there might be pressure to promote/denounce certain tokens/initiatives/witnesses/etc. I would like to make clear that our intention is to avoid such practices.

Anyway, I believe we should aim on providing as unbiased and reliable information as we can on Propolis.

100% agree on this!!

Ganser has fans on both ends of the political spectrum. I went to read his article on the German Wikipedia and couldn't see any bias in either way. He's criticized a lot, but always with sources, and often as quotes.

I once saw an interview with him and he had not such a neutral view. E.g. he requested that some items in his curriculum get corrected, but the Wikipedia editors insisted on their view. It at least leaves some questions.

He also tried to sue swiss media for calling him a conspiracy theorist. Editors can't cave in to the persons described in the article when they feel like they want to be presented more favorably.
And how is a disagreement about curriculum items connected to left/right-wing politics?

I agree with you, unbiased information is better and trust is a must to the project success. For promoting I mean more visibility and space to share content and engage new and frequent users. Thanks, keep safe and good luck again!

I just remembered that there were a Wiki War with people inputing bad information about someone and then others rewriting it with good information.

I can imagine that :) In the worst case, certain people can be restricted from editting Propolis, even though I'd prefer to not using such measure. I hope people would approach it responsively.

good good work my boy

Keep up the great work King @wagnertamanaha, pirulito.zoado(3/5) is impressed by the thought and consideration you put into this post. Your work is truly appreciated.

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Very interesting idea...


PS.: Vais ao @hivefest?

Thanks obrigado! I think I'm not going to Hivefest this year but a Propolis wiki article about the event is in my list for sure.

I really need to check this out, thanks!

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Wow, thats sounds cool. Hive blockchain just works ! and its amazing to see