As it turns out, the max_accepted_payout route would not work, here's why:

@nathansenn just informed me of a major flaw in the max_payout route @holdger08.

Users would be able to post to our Community & DAPP from 3rd party front-ends like Hive.Blog and @peakd with those Posts (Buzz's) being exempted from the max_payout code that we hardcode into our DAPP.

Users would then be incentivised to post to our DAPP from 3rd party front-ends and our real users would be punished by being restricted by in-house rules that are not applied to Buzz's posted from 3rd party front-ends.

Please help us bring attention to this proposal.. I think it's the only fix and a much needed one at that. Otherwise Dapps like us would also be forced to get involved in politics and in vain when the solution really lies in solving this at the blockchain level @brianoflondon.