Luck in love

in #proselast year

In an effort to recover what is lacking, the soul is torn apart by sadness and pushes the shell or sobs into the pillow or "treason by intoxication." Hence, the unfortunate pass away without ever feeling true love...
Develop lovely manners! Stick yourself with pricey ornaments like a Christmas tree!
Get the position of president, for the love of God! Nothing will make it easier for us to meet someone who is holding a piece of our soul inside his chest while we swarm around. Most likely just a case. Why not us if someone is fortunate?
Due to the fact that two people are still required for a new life, it should presumably be that the soul is torn apart.
I know a lot of people who have low-flying souls; they don't even consider it, they swear, they swear in front of their wives and children, they get paid, they measure themselves, they get drunk, they send, they measure again when they get home from work, and they throw their dirty socks on the floor, knowing that their wives will wash them. They purchase a flashy vehicle so that the South Highway females can use it as a mirror. Fortunate people!

Image credit to pixabay