How to Escape a Cult that's Taken Over The World. Pt. 2

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This article is an introduction to an directory for all of the Irish and global (Ireland inclusive) organisations, resources and decentralised autonomous communities that have emerged over the last 18 months from the demand for opposition to the mainstream narrative presented by the covid cult. It may be updated on a monthly basis to maintain an up to date resource for the growing number of people seeking alternative solutions to their "new normal". The latest version will be linked in the comments.

If you would like something added to this directory, please comment below or reach out to me directly from the channel you found it shared in.

TLDR: Contents

  • How we got here
  • What to build? Let's face our weakness
  • Step 1 - Know Your Comrades
  • Organisations
  • Protests & Gatherings
  • The frustration of unrealistic goals
  • Step 2 - Choose Your Leaders Wisely

I'm not here to awaken anybody. This blog is not for complaining about the "new normal", it is for bringing awareness to some of the ways we can escape it. While the solutions I propose are not going to be simple, if you've had the mental capacity to resist succumbing to last year's psychological warfare, you've already shown you have the will power for resilience and the wisdom to grasp the complexity of an uncharted solution.

So stand up straight and be proud.

If you still feel lost, know that you're not supposed to have all the answers. You're supposed to seek them. And I hope when you find some, you'll share them with your comrades. That's what I'm here to do.

It's been a dark road. It all started with "two weeks to flatten the curve", which we were told after 2 weeks we had done very well with "just one more week" to be sure. With each repeating lockdown extension many of our loved ones were eased into the idea that there would be no deadlines or certainty that this will ever end.

Somewhere along the way we all came to a cross-roads. Either we accepted it and went along with it, complying with all the restrictions, hopeful that the only solution presented by the mainstream media was real, or we looked deeper, questioning the motives of those taking the power from our loved ones. The first road appeared to have all the experts, based on a narrow perspective or perception of reality shaped by the mainstream media. The other road was completely dark and lonely, and anybody who walked that direction seemed bitter and angry.

There's been a sharp divide in society ever since, as we walked in opposite directions.

We are social creatures. We can't be blamed for wanting company as we walked a road we've never walked before. In the direction we took, we had no company. Not even each other. Even though so many of us took the same road, the volume of masks blocked our view of our extended family on the same path.

The blind could see our anger but not the deception we were angry about. They just accepted the ongoing and impending loss of laughter, liberty, life. We know staying inside doesn't stop us decaying and waiting for life is as irrational as waiting for death. We lost friends. Some through their indoctrination into a deceptive cult that convinced them to shaft us, and others through untreated sickness and suicides.

Demoralisation is a process of psychological warfare used to lower moral standards and behaviours, to gradually and permanently break the human spirit. We were expected to leave our elderly loved ones to die alone. We lost faith in humanity as people lived up to that expectation and that is something we may have to forgive. When a person no longer knows what they stand for, because of what they did when their judgement was clouded by fear, they have a choice. To either face their shadow and accept the challenge of defeating their weakness, or turn the other way and reject all and any information that may force them to face that shadow.

Most people are cowards. Whether you're here because you took that dark and lonely road, or because you faced that dark shadow of yours, we appreciate and need your courage. You may still have more shadows to face, for us to get through this. We are all under spiritual attack and that's causing some of us to lose sight of what we've achieved so far. What you may not realise is that by networking and connecting with our fellow comrades we are gradually learning what skills and resources we have among us and what is in demand that we could bring to the table. What we build together will be built by the most courageous people in the world.

But what to build and how?

Lets start with one of our greatest weaknesses. A fundamental ingredient of the solution I plan on proposing through this blog (we're on step one) is community and human networks. This directory will serve as just a part of helping us to organise ourselves to improve communications between our expanding communities. Many of us are frustrated by our lack of achievement at this time. If that is you, perhaps your perception of the goal is to have the government reverse their legislation. If that's the case, I fear you may still have too much faith in our political system.

Protests are not the solution. Politics is not the solution. And violence is certainly not the solution.

Every system we depend on needs to be replaced. What we need is an alternative economic and societal structure that works so well, that all of the people and businesses you fear to be forever indoctrinated by this cult, will choose us instead of them. The solution I will be proposing later in this blog is a system, that can be returned to a state at which it was working well, if the system becomes corrupted so as to make corrections that would prevent that corruption. Believe it or not, the power to do that comes from community and it all starts with networking. Get to know your comrades and think about what we need and what you can bring to this community.


Step One to escaping a cult that's taken over the world is to know you're not crazy, know you're not alone and know your comrades.

If you have a really good idea that nobody else is doing start your own, but until then get involved in one of the many groups, organisations and decentralised, autonomous communities that have been growing organically through our need to connect and support one another on this seemingly dark but increasingly crowded road. We still have a long way to go, but whenever you feel discouraged, just look back at that first day you took that lonely road and see how far we've come! Stay positive. We need you.


TeenHeard aims to give the teenagers of Ireland a voice. They highlight the pain and suffering they've endured from mask mandates at school, exemptions, satellite rooms, being isolated and unheard.

TeenHeard are partnering with Health Freedom Ireland which is an organisation of volunteers, set up to "empower Irish people to make informed medical decisions", and support Irish citizens who are challenged in maintaining medical freedom. Their website has been extremely informative on Covid-19 treatments that have been significantly reducing the fatality of the disease since the early Summer of 2020.

I highly recommend following Health Freedom Ireland for tips.

Professor Dolores Cahill, an Irish immunologist and molecular biologist is one of the founding members of the World Freedom Alliance, which is a worldwide organisation that aims to support communities who wish to take legal action, including written statements to defend their families and their fundamental rights. They have a law committee and are partnering with the World Doctors Alliance who are helping to provide scientific evidence for legal cases including those holding governments accountable for their corrupt unscientific policies.

The World Doctors Alliance is "an independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity." Professor Dolores Cahill is the president of this alliance, helping to bring together thousands of medical professionals who were awake to the tyrannical measures being rammed through with the COVID trojan horse.

Please note, while there is a "Dolores Cahill" channel on telegram, it was not started by and is not run by Professor Dolores Cahill.

Another woman who has been instrumental in striving to protect our freedoms is Tracey O'Mahony, an Irish Barrister at Law who vigorously researches each new legislation and educates us all on what it means for us. Whenever in doubt of how the legislation affects you or your business, her advice can often be essential to finding a way around obstacles presented by the legislation.

If you're ever worried that we will be ostracised and not given medical care, remember that 60'000 medical practitioners and public health scientists around the world risked their jobs by signing the Great Barrington Declaration. Our institutions are corrupted and need to be rebuilt. They have given us the push to force it into fruition and while it may take time, we clearly have the manpower.

Now with that in mind, I want you to consider every other institution we could be ostracised from. We're already seeing it with the restaurants expected to segregate their diners, and many have finally stuck their necks out and said they do not wish to be part of a two-tier society by dividing us. This will be the case with every industry. If we want our businesses to stand up for us, we need to stand up for them. We need to know who they are so that we can support them.

SAOR Sláinte is a highlighting grassroots resistance to medical coercion in Ireland and they have created a map of businesses/tradespeople who won't be asking customers for mandatory vaccine passports. If you are a business owner and wish to retain the custom of the segregated members of society, the people who will never sacrifice your business for a cult, I suggest you fill in this sign-up form.

Another site where you can register your Irish freedom oriented business is on the directory. The Freedom Travel Alliance also intends on publishing a global directory of freedom-minded businesses, from hotels to gyms and restaurants. Watch that space!

Open Éire is a sibling movement of The Great Re-opening in the UK. Inspired by the Italian movement, #IoApro (meaning I'm open), where 50'000 bars, restaurants, cafes etc, safely opened their doors in defiance of lockdown restrictions, Open Éire aims to connect with and support small and medium enterprise in reopening their doors in the face of anti-scientific, unconstitutional and discriminatory lockdowns.

The White Rose is a decentralised global network of independent activists - each a powerful one person operation - all working in unison to disseminate a much needed counter narrative to the relentless onslaught of fear mongering, lies and propaganda we've all been subjected to since day one of the Covid-19 "pandemic". Our mission is to inspire healthy skepticism, critical thought and righteous dissent in the face of ubiquitous government and corporate media propaganda, mass authoritarian groupthink, and an official Covid-19 narrative riddled with logical inconsistencies, quasi-religious dogmatism and outright lies. With rampant censorship where only Big Tech approved viewpoints are permitted a platform we have taken to the streets with stickers as our weapon.

Bring Back Normal is building a high calibre team from all areas - medical, science to business - to counter the one narrative propounded by the media, government and NPHET - and provide other options forward which the people themselves can get behind. Check out their pilot survey to assess the mood in Ireland towards the government and the various laws and guidelines introduced in recent times.

Lawful Remedy in Éireann can be found on Telegram and aims to source and provide reliable information and direct experiences of lawful remedy on the Isle of Éiriu. They've collected templates, documents and other external websites for direct use and application against fixed penalty notices, summons, challenges to shops/schools/employment/travel/civil or public offices.

Notes From The New Normal aims to provide accurate factual and statistical information on what has been happening in Ireland since all this began.

This directory will be reformatted into a list.

There are many organisations working underground that may not wish to be on this list and I'm respectfully excluding them until they reach out. These are communities that are growing organically and wish to be found through shared interests. Examples include investing chats, educational gardening groups, largely female support groups, private verified channels and music performance groups. If you want to find them, I suggest you attend some of the protests and gatherings and start networking.

Protests & Gatherings

The first large Freedom Rally's were held in August and November of 2020 by the Irish Freedom Party, a political party born in 2018 out of the lack of serious debate or political consideration with regards to our position within the EU impacted by Brexit.

While I wouldn't discourage anybody from supporting a political party that aligns with our imminent needs, I don't believe politics has the solution to our problem. In fact, I believe our existing political system needs to be collectively abandoned by those of us who are sovereign and can establish independence from the state and our approach to politics needs to return back in the direction of how it was originally defined by Aristotle: deciding the rules to live by and the goals to collectively pursue. This is a key factor of the solution I would like to propose, yet only a minor part since this solution would make government unnecessary. Of course they will not like that, therefore it will never pass through government and will need to be implemented independently.

There are many protests being organised around the country and there isn't always a clearly established organiser. This is partially due to the global protests scheduled by the World Wide Demonstration, which was an internationally syndicated community protest event dedicated to emboldening citizens to push back against Coronavirus related Restrictions in their countries.

Yellow Vest Ireland took the reigns at the latest of these events scheduled by World Wide Rally For Freedom and it was our biggest yet. But many of us went home that day feeling disappointed in our lack of achievement despite the huge turnout.

Protesting with no RESULTS

Some believe we should cause just enough chaos, closing off streets and blocking public transport, for the politicians and authorities to start paying attention. Those kinds of protests might work in a democracy and it happens naturally (not by intention) when the huge numbers turnout. But Ireland has not been a democracy or even something that could possibly look like a democracy for at least 18 months. This is no temporary change, which is why our politicians do not fear our protests. The gardaí would like to maintain order, but causing chaos is not going to put anybody under pressure to reverse legislation, because they simply do not work for our democratic process anymore. They've signed away our rights while tens of thousands of us were standing shouting right outside.

Democracy here in Ireland is dead.

It would be a miracle if these protests actually changed a politicians mind. We've got to move forward as though there is no turning back if we are to make any progress. Think about it. If RTE came out tomorrow and said:

"The government have decided to reverse all legislation, we're all going back to normal and we have nothing scary to report",

Would you believe them? Would you accept that we can go back to the way things were, flip flopping between two of the same political parties, constantly making excuses for what they couldn't do despite the amount of legislation they were able to push through for the benefit of this cult? With a 3-party coalition majority, normally a plausible cause for set-backs, we can see now how quickly they can actually get things done. But not for us.

I understand your frustration believe me. But those of us lashing out at each other, you have a shadow to face and I beg of you to take the courage we know you have to face it. Let's act rationally and strategically.

Before you let frustration get the better of you, lets remember what our achievable goals at a protest are.

  • Awareness - We can make ourselves known to everyone out there like us.
  • Recruitment - We can raise the spirits of all those who've come for the first time after losing so much of their lives.
  • Community - We can build our network for supporting each other in the challenging times ahead.

No it's not about drinking or having a song and a dance, but did you know that the rebels of 1920 had regular jigs and parties to keep their spirits high?

Yellow Vest Ireland formed in 2018 to advocate for the Direct Democracy that was intended by our forefathers who founded the republic. Since lockdowns began they created a Facebook group for those who want to take personal responsibility, and defend our Human rights and Irish constitutional protected civil liberty, to come together to take back our country from the greedy hands of the corrupt, stripping us of our wealth and destroying our culture and heritage.

Our first of these World Wide Demonstrations didn't have as large a turnout as the one just a few weeks before which was organised by Rise Up Éireann. RiseUp Éireann has since evolved into a completely decentralised community by establishing itself organically in counties all across the country. You can find the RiseUp_ channels on telegram, instagram, and other platforms.

"Unite The Tribes" has become a weekly gathering in Eyre Square in Galway. There's music, dancing, speeches and Rise Up Galway are very inclusive, allowing anybody including opposition to get the opportunity to express their views and concerns to the crowd. If you're in Connaught and want to take this first step of escaping the cult, get involved on any Saturday at 2 PM.

In Cork, outside the Bishop Lucey Park, in front of Bean & Leaf Café there is a weekly protest on Mondays at 4 PM. There are also regular gatherings in Limerick, Waterford, Belfast and many other parts of the country which I hope to include more information on soon. If you want to be involved, I suggest you use this directory to find people who can direct you.


I mentioned earlier the frustrations felt by the community after the last protest. I believe it's important we address an issue that will delay our progress and weaken our community if we don't. We can't afford to be divided. This is too important.

When the people went home from the last protest, there was a lot of blame being cast within our own community. Sadly, this kind of in-fighting is inevitable if we do not establish effective communication and manage our expectations responsibly. Although those who take the initiative to lead, may not operate in a way that you would prefer, fighting among ourselves is destructive to our movement. Any other group, conducting any other civilised or uncivilised protest would have achieved just as little, if not less. You have to make the most of the protest by establishing your goals.

Being united does not mean we need to all have the same leaders. It means we need to establish effective communication and comradery between the many leaders out there, and also between them and those following them.

We all know we want the same thing. If you want to hold somebody's past against them then how can you stand and fight for the same future? If you constantly fear the existence of 'shills' then the shill has already won by causing you to suspect your own.

I refer to your comrades as the people who share your goals and will share the booty with you when it's won. While you cannot choose your comrades, you can choose who you trust with what. This 2nd step is why the first step, to get to know your comrades is so important.

Only you can choose your leaders. The community will not choose them for you unless you let them. Follow and support whoever it is you trust, and never underestimate the power of the first follower.

Step 3 is being written, don't worry. And many people are on that step already but not enough of us. Through this blog I hope I can enlighten you with some experiences I've had that have opened my mind to an alternative form of society. One that I have seen in practice and can't wait to demonstrate to you. Adapting that experience onto the broader scale was once just a theoretical interest to me, but it's very suddenly become an urgent system for survival. A system that's sort-of "off the grid" yet, on a new type of grid.

Would you believe that that journey started for me here on this decentalised blogging platform?

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It worried me to see how far some governments went in order to force the vaccines and masks and so-called "preventive procedures"
It makes me see the pros of a country like mine, not being able to bring enough vaccines to all the citizens and being distracted by the economic and political crisis, making it not capable of forcing these things and only beg people to "comply" and maybe hope they don't all comply.

This is great! It worries me that the narrative is beginning to shift to "vaccinated vs. unvaccinated". Here in the US, I kept hearing about how the unvaccinated are spreading the virus to the vaccinated; then how the unvaccinated are killing the vaccinated. Now, New York City is going to start requiring proof of vaccination in order to use indoor restaurants or gyms as per government mandate.

This is already the requirement in Irish restaurants, sadly. It is finally causing people to wake up though, so there is hope.

I don't agree with you fully here on the COVID cult. But there are things we should all come together on. Things that are bigger and more important to our response to a virus. Being free to speak our minds, being free to frankly communicate about consequential topics like this virus and other things beyond it too. Being free.

To see COVID being used as a tool to hijack people into going against these now increasingly vulnerable Western values is bumming me out, to put it lightly. The virus is bad, but it's not like it's some civilization ending level bad, unless we actively make it to be. And we have these morons hyperfocusing on it, as if it must be dealt with at all costs, no matter how futile it is, and no matter how much they actively ignore that futility. It's these morons, and the reactions from the ripples they've made and continue to make, that are the threat to our civilization.


Nice post as always.. I love reading your post.