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RE: Psyber X Land Sale - "Founder Starter Kits" Are Live!

in #psyberx9 months ago

Just picked up one and curious to see how fast the others start selling that might determine how many more I picked up over the next week (if they even last that long lol)


I hope we have more time than that, I want that founder's land title.

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I have a feeling they might sell out fast the LVL token itself is doing very well.

Seems impossible to last that long with this rate. HIVEANS are mad.

man for a good project yes! lol

Buying this reminds me of the purchase of two !PIZZA.

blockchain data is public my friend

155 Starter kits have sold within 5 hours of the announcement

Ah yeah but I never really know how to look up that data. 155 is pretty ok but the 10,000 at that rate is gonna be a while I have a feeling I can pick up 15 by the time they sell out.